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    When you pack, include a bib, elastic waistband pants, and your appetite. You’ll need all three.

    For foodies who never grow weary of trying new foods, a visit to Belize can come as a surprise. This nation’s signature cuisine mix is as diverse as the people who live here, combining Mexican, Caribbean and Maya traditions that pervade everything from the art to the food.

    These days, recipes are taken to new heights by world-class chefs at the nation’s top resorts. For example, at Laru Beya Resort’s Quarterdeck restaurant, innovators celebrate the nation’s relationship with farmers and the sea, which is why a lobster tastes like it was just caught and veggies just picked. Both probably were!

    Does the atmosphere contribute to the taste of a beautifully-prepared meal? It does—which is why Laru Beya’s three-story dining deck, with appetizing views of the Caribbean Sea and the resort’s infinity pool, tend to make diners linger longer than the time it takes to enjoy a meal.

    What to taste when you come to Belize?

    belize cuisine

    You owe it to yourself to try a cuisine that’s novel, delicious and exotic. Each of the following favorites belongs on your “must taste” list. Seriously. Make a list. Your taste buds are as eager as you are to be enticed, so don’t let them down.

    -Not your ordinary rice and beans. This mainstay relies upon coconut milk-flavored rice and if you add Marie Sharp pepper sauce, you’ll dine Belize style. Don’t like rice? Try salbutes, a fried corn dish made with chicken, onions, and cheese. While you’re sampling, add a bowl of conch fritters to your order.

    -Beef, chicken, pork, and fish main courses range from Belize’s legendary stew chicken to beef soup and fish grilled, fried or stewed. Try at least one meat pie, pork bbq, and chicken escabeche if eating a beef soup isn’t your style.

    -Spanish favorites. Tacos loaded with meat, veggies, and cilantro satisfy a craving for Mexican cuisine. Add baked or fried plantains and Belize-style tamales and don’t hesitate to thank your server in Spanish when your tasty meal arrives.

    -Baked or fried? Try both Johnny Cakes and Fry Jack. The first is a baked cake made with coconut milk and flour that is slathered in butter. The second may remind you of a deep-friend pancake, Belize style.

    -From the sea: You won’t taste a better lobster, nor will a bowl of ceviche disappoint at Laru Beya or anywhere else you travel in the country.

    -Sample these beverages. Cashew wine is gaining a reputation for a taste that extends beyond Belize. Sampling a glass of craboo wine is mandatory. Nothing surpasses Belikin Beer, brewed the traditional way.

    Don’t forget dessert. Yes, can have more than one serving of Soursop ice cream, Cassava pudding, nance ice cream and Belizean candies like coconut sweet, wangla, fudge and Cutubrute. Quarterback waitstaff won’t blink an eye if you order several selections from the dessert menu. You’re on vacation, after all!

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