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Enjoy A Meal At The QuarterDeck, An Elegant Restaurant Tucked Away In Placencia Belize

Why do foodies love Belizean food? Because cuisine served in this small, friendly, welcoming nation is an amalgam of cultures that has no equal elsewhere in Central America. Dishes on menus run the gamut from a beans and rice dish cooked in coconut milk to tangy bowls of ceviche and platters of conch fritters. These recipes offer tastes of Maya, Creole, Spanish and Mandarin cooking…

Visit the chocolate festival of Belize

The 2019 Belize Chocolate Festival–How Sweet it is!

How far would you travel to indulge your passion for chocolate? How about Belize? The entire nation has been devoted to chocolate since the Mayas began harvesting beans and turning it into any number of delicious dishes, but they weren’t around long enough to turn their raw chocolate beans (official name cacao) into a flourishing industry around 2600 years ago. In fact, chocoholics call Belize…

Mouth Watering Belizean Delicacies You Must Try!

Belize’s culinary practices reflects the country’s multiethnic society and rich history. When you combine the numerous elements in Belizean cooking – from early Maya civilizations through to the British colonists, the vivacious African influences, the attempted Spanish conquest, the Mennonite farming communities and the more recent arrival of many other cultures and you have a recipe for something very extraordinary indeed.