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    Belize tourism has exploded this year and 2023 is expected to exceed expectations. If you dream of beaches and don’t want to waste time doing research, you can’t go wrong making Placencia your destination.

    Travel books and websites agree: The small nation of Belize is home to 240 miles of coastline. That’s impressive when you consider the fact that the entire country measures only 8,867 square miles, so it’s no exaggeration to say that beaches play a huge role in the country’s topography. Looking for the best beaches in Belize? Find them on the Placencia Peninsula, known as the “barefoot perfect” place to vacation.

    Consider your personal vacation style. Do you like the idea of roaming from resort to village to excursions or does your wish list consist of one objective only: sticking your toes into beach sand for the duration of your visit? Achieve both by staying on this 16-mile-long peninsula where everything you need and want is nearby.

    About Placencia

    Placencia was settled by English Puritans living in Nova Scotia who sought to escape Canadian winters. They headed south until they found this idyllic finger of land, settling on the peninsula during the 17th century. Over time, population shifts, and conquests by European explorers turned the area into the charming, thriving fishing village that paved the way for a burgeoning tourism destination.

    Today, the Placencia peninsula offers the longest single stretch of beach in the nation and three hubs: Placencia, Maya Beach, and Seine Bight villages. Want a peek? Visit our Placencia Belize Activities page. Tourists love the fact that they don’t need a car to get around since everything is a walk, bike- or kayak ride away.

    placencia is home to the best beaches in belize

    Where to stay?

    Laru Beya Resort has it all: elegant surroundings, accommodations, and amenities that easily convince a weary visitor to stay put, but for those who want to scratch that exploration itch, Laru Beya’s tour menu offers a breathtaking list of expeditions and your hosts take care of the details associated with each one.

    From island hopping to fishing, jungle tours, river cruises, wildlife adventures, and chocolate farm visits to ancient Maya ruins and caves, active vacationers can’t get enough of these options.

    Return to your digs and enjoy fine dining and cocktails or head into town for the nightlife. The best way to enjoy a vacation at Laru Beya is by booking an all inclusive package and reserving time for spa services.

    Sound like the Laru Beya beachfront and this elegant resort are calling your name? Visit the site now to reserve your hideaway, and before you know it, the sound of ocean waves crashing on the beach will be the lullaby you hear when you drift off to sleep.

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