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    What’s your favorite awards show? Is it the Academy Awards? The Emmy’s? Perhaps the Golden Globe award ceremonies are your top pick because you love the international mix of TV shows and movies that are nominated in varying categories from around the world.

    You may not realize that the travel industry also gives awards to resorts, hotels, restaurants, and attractions, but these are based on the experiences of actual travelers rather than entertainment industry moguls with profit motives driving their picks. Among the most prestigious are Tripadvisor Travelers’ Choice awards because they are driven by guest feedback each year.

    Being awarded one of these designations is a big deal for properties recognized by Tripadvisor, and given the importance of this accolade, everyone associated with Laru Beya Resort shared lots of high fives when consumer reviews posted on the resort’s website prompted Tripadvisor to give this slice of paradise a 2022 Travelers’ Choice Award.

    Travelers’ Choice Awards in a Nutshell

    It takes an entire year for Tripadvisor to collect, evaluate and rate hospitality businesses across the globe based on the veracity of the millions of comments travelers post on websites. To receive this recognition, Laru Beya was required to garner “a threshold number of reviews within the evaluation period of that award,” and of course, the excellent quality of each testimonial contributed mightily to this property’s selection.

    What caliber of properties makes the shortlist on Tripadvisor’s radar? A consistent, positive flow of feedback and reviews contributed by travelers that are then ranked within the top 10%. Not everyone qualifies for this designation; reason enough to rely upon this credential when choosing your next holiday destination.

    All-inclusive Resort in Belize

    A few reasons Laru Beya earned a 2022 Travelers Choice Award

    • Reaching Laru Beya is easy: There’s an airstrip on the easily-navigated Placencia peninsula so international guests enjoy fast, easy access to the resort.
    • For a small property, accommodation choices are not just beautiful but plentiful.
    • All inclusive Belize vacation packages are designed to delight travelers who like saving money while eliminating decision-making stress.
    • The resort’s award-winning Quarterdeck Restaurant offers an enticing mix of Caribbean, Mexican and Italian cuisines that never fail to win rave reviews from guests.
    • Laru Beya’s equally delicious tour menu includes every experience seasoned travelers expect from a Caribbean resort, including weekly scheduled and a la carte options not always offered by properties.
    • Laru Beya’s personal service commitment is reinforced by the actions, behaviors, and kindnesses bestowed upon guests by every staff member.
    • This resort strives to make available to people of all walks of life an idyllic tropical vacation, which is why the occasional special deal graces the resort’s pricing menu.

    Awards may come and go but given the vast number of options found within Central America and along the Caribbean coastline, Tripadvisor kudos are not just badges of success worn by resorts that strive to go above and beyond but well-earned honors that reflect excellence. At Laru Beya Resort, this Tripadvisor designation is one achievement that will never be taken for granted. Count on it.

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