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  • Placencia Belize Lobsterfest

    Nobody is keeping track of the number of tourists who purposefully flock to Belize every July to don a lobster bib, watch normal adults dress up in lobster costumes and devoting a portion of their visit to worshipping the crustacean considered the king of seafood. The liveliest celebrations will be found on the Placencia Peninsula this year, between July 14th and July 16th.

    You needn’t dismiss this announcement fearing that it will take a huge chunk of money to order as much of this savory seafood as you wish because July resort rates are the lowest of the year—especially if you sojourn at Laru Beya Resort, the popular Placencia shoreline property where seeing and being seen every month is your conduit to every festival, event, and holiday in Belize. Ask your Laru Beya host for a list of Lobsterfest activities scheduled throughout your stay. The stretch of coast next to Placencia’s municipal pier morphs into one fun party filled with live music, mini-events like a kayak race, cast net competition, and full-day fishing tournament, 50+ booths with food, arts, and drinks along the famous sidewalk and Placencia beachfront.  Lobsterfest is a fundraising event for the Placencia Village Council and the Placencia Chapter of the Belize Tourism Industry Association. The event also plays a major role in sustaining local businesses during the low tourism season.

    Placencia Lobsterfest
    Can’t get away in July?

    If there’s no way you can leave in July due to personal obligations or work, you can make a promise to show up in Belize for Lobsterfest 2024 while availing yourself of other 2023 festivals, events, and holidays during the remaining months. Among the can’t-miss dates you’ll want to ink on your current calendar are these delights:

    • Art and music lovers look forward to the Sidewalk Art and Music fest on February 11th and 12th because it’s filled with handicrafts, fine art, clothing, sculpture, and other items. You’ll want to take some of it home. Once you’re tapped out on art, live performances covering everything from reggae to rock are guaranteed to get you on your feet, and since you’ll encounter food everywhere you look, no worries about gaining weight.
    • Yes, the Easter Bunny gets to Belize for folks who take a lighthearted approach to this sacred occasion, but observances within the Catholic community are inspiring, so bring both your love of fun and faith to Belize around April 9th and the pageantry will amaze you.
    • Make your sojourn at Laru Beya longer if you are coming to Placencia in September. The Yamaha Fishing Tournament (date TBA) was on hold during COVID, so join the re-start fun. National holidays—St. George’s Caye Day on the 10th and Belize independence day on the 21st—promise parties that last for days.
    • End-of-year events on the peninsula never disappoint. Thanksgiving in November, the Belize Marathon in early December, plus Christmas parades on both land and sea wrap up an exciting year for travelers looking for every opportunity to celebrate during their Placencia stays.

    Happily, every member of the Laru Beya staff looks forward to all of these celebrations as much as visitors do, so there’s no need to feel bad about missing Lobsterfest 2023 with so many other fabulous excuses to come down for fun, exploration, and relaxation. Further, you’re welcome to bring a lobster bib since it’s on the menu year-round at Laru Beya’s gourmet eatery. Bring a bib if you like, but staff can provide one so your wardrobe stays butter-free!

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