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  • Placencia Sidewalk Arts & Music Festival

    How important are arts and music festivals? Georgia Southern University Masters candidate Kimberly F. Rudolph wrote her honors thesis on the topic. Art festivals, she discovered, are more than excuses to shop. They’re unifying, too!

    According to Rudolph’s research, art and music festivals are community-building events that bring like-minded people together, so even if our politics and opinions are diverse, when we share entertainment experiences, we are one. Shouldn’t 2024 be the year you adopt this philosophy and take your passion for music and art internationally?

    The 19th Annual Placencia Sidewalk Arts and Music Festival invites you to be part of a beloved event held every February when a quaint fishing village turns into a mecca for folks who can’t get enough culture. Consider this your personal invitation to join the party—especially if your need for the sun is as powerful as your love of the arts.

    About the festival

    Northerners fed up with winter weather and those who crave an arts immersion will flock to Placencia in February 2024. Make your attendance part of a desperately-needed getaway in the sun by choosing a resort that’s in the middle of the action: Laru Beya Resort. Since the festival doesn’t start until 10 a.m. each morning, you don’t have to awaken as the sun comes up to get your fill of everything on the festival menu.

    Peruse canvases, lithos, sculptures, photography, jewelry, and other works created by talented Belize artisans. Choose one-of-a-kind pieces that match your home décor, pick up hand-crafted clothing and if you’re an early holiday shopper, fill your bags with unique gifts for friends and family alike. Expect to spend a day in happy contemplation of your choices displayed along the festival’s 4,000-foot of exhibit area!

    Placencia Sidewalk Arts & Music Festival 2020

    Beyond the art

    While your mission may be finding the original artwork you’ve searched for endlessly, you’ll be charmed and delighted by the array of musicians, performers, and food stalls at this event. Delicious Belizean foods and tasty libations will keep you fueled throughout the day so you can break out dance moves when the mood strikes to the beat of songs guaranteed to lift your spirits when local musicians roll out their playlists.

    Organizers are planning activities for the 2024 Placencia Sidewalk Arts and Music Festival that include games, live poetry readings, and woodworking demonstrations, so taking a break from browsing the art will liven up your day and engage you in a variety of other activities when you’re not listening to bands or snacking on treats.

    Laru Beya extras

    Because you were smart enough to stay at Laru Beya, count on your host to arrange transport to and from the festival, and though you will want to sample delicious festival foods, if you’ve booked an all inclusive stay, meals are included, so you may wish to save your appetite for culinary delights prepared by the resort’s chef.

    Come for the art. Stay for the music. Stick around for a resort experience that ties your visit up in a beautiful tropical bow. And don’t worry if you shop until you drop. The resort staff is happy to help you find ways to transport your treasures back home, so you don’t get off your plane looking like a Sherpa after such a fun, relaxing stay!

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