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    It was Groundhog Day on February 2, 2023, and followers of Punxsutawney Phil, the woodchuck known for his annual peek outside to tell the world whether spring would come early or late, held the public in suspense waiting to see if he saw his shadow. But this long-awaited annual event took a backseat to news reports of “a comet for the ages” that was about to fly across the heavens that night. Why the notoriety? Because it was the first time Comet C/2022 E3 (ZTF) was set to sweep across the sky since the Stone Age!

    This exciting event had astronomers and star buffs setting alarms for early wake-ups so they wouldn’t miss out on the short window during which this green comet was expected to be the brightest and closest to Earth, and the comet didn’t disappoint. If you’re a stargazer—but not enough of one to lose sleep, even for so spectacular an occasion—treat yourself to more than a moment of excitement: Come to Belize where an absence of urban lights takes stargazing to such heights, every night delivers on thrills.

    An International dark sky location ideal for stargazing


    How important were the stars and other celestial bodies to the lives of the Maya people who settled in this land? Exceedingly so, say historians discovering that temples and community structures were built specifically to observe and interpret the cosmos. The Maya calendar that continues to fascinate researchers was designed to help keep track of celestial happenings, thus travelers enamored of all things astrological couldn’t find a destination as ideal as Belize to further explore this topic.

    Where to stay to turn your fascination into observation? Laru Beya Resort on the Placencia peninsula is a focal point for more than just night sky excitement. It’s home to an all-inclusive package and add-ons that free guests of worrying about lodgings, meals, onsite amenities, and tours that show off Belize’s remarkable landmarks. Because it’s located on the Caribbean shore, you can luxuriate in the sun by day and observe the heavens by night.

    Make your own memories during your sojourn

    According to the American Association for the Advancement of Science, it’s getting harder to find locations where observations of heavenly bodies are easy because “more than 80% of world populations live under light-polluted skies.” Not so in Belize where stars shine with intensity every night and you can keep tabs on their movements over the Placencia peninsula daily.

    Further, comments posted by Paul Vonderlage about his Laru Beya holiday are compelling. He compared stars in the heavens to the resort’s welcoming, warm staff, concluding that, “Belize is an international dark sky location” that so delighted him, Vonderlage had only to walk outside his digs to shoot a spectacular night sky video on the beach. “We’re definitely going back to Laru Beya!” he notes. You’ll feel the same way. Come for the stars. Stay for the inspiration you’ll derive communing with the heavens—just as the ancients did centuries ago.

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