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  • With plenty of warm sunshine and wonderful weather, January is a great time to visit Belize.

    The resort of Laru Beya on the Placencia Peninsula is now offering a special offer. For every five nights booked at the resort in January, guests will receive one night free. This offer is valid for all of the rooms at the resort but you’ll have to act before October 31, 2016, in order to qualify for the discount.

    Here are some fun and exciting things to do and see in Belize in January:

    Escape Winter

    No one can predict the weather with perfect accuracy, but you are guaranteed to never see a single snowflake or feel the sting of winter in Belize in January. Work on your tan or spend your days splashing, snorkeling, or scuba diving in the crystal clear waters of the Caribbean on your January vacation in Belize.

    Visit Cockscomb Basin

    Measuring more than 150 square miles in size, the Cockscomb Basin Nature Reserve is the only jaguar reserve in the world. Composed of rolling hills, lush valleys, and unspoiled rainforests, the Cockscomb Basin Nature Reserve is an ideal place for a day hike or a multi-day adventure in one of the most beautiful and unspoiled areas in the country.

    Tour the Monkey River

    Monkey River is a small village that lies at the mouth of the Monkey River where it meets the Caribbean Sea. Board a boat and head upstream, marveling at the amazing variety of birds and other wildlife that call the jungle home. Stop off and head into the interior to see if you can spot deer, tapirs (Belize’s national animal) or troops of monkeys. Take hundreds of photos as your guide points out interesting plants and animals.

    Fishing and Sailing

    Belize enjoys more than 180 miles of coastline that includes hundreds of islands and the unparalleled beauty of the Belize Barrier Reef. Whether you want to enjoy a sunset cruise or a multi-day island hopping adventure, few experiences can compare to sailing in Belize. And if fishing is your thing, you can enjoy everything from deep sea fishing to fly fishing on the flats and shallows of the atolls, islands, and mangrove lagoons.

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