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  • Placencia Cultural Experiences

    There are plenty of reasons to rely upon regular routines, including staying more efficient, cutting stress, and enhancing happiness. Further, routine keepers tend to avoid procrastinating since routines are known to buffer life’s endless demands and provide much-needed structure.

    But the downside of routines is that they don’t work for everyone, could trigger boredom and monotony, and can stop us from growing in new and innovative ways. Additionally, routines hampered by unpredictability may undermine performance and lead to a decrease in creativity by impeding inspiration that drives us forward.

    Taking a break from your routine to refresh your mind and enthusiasm is best done by taking advantage of travel opportunities where you can become entrenched in other cultures, and this transformation can take place just a few hours away in Belize!

    Adventures await curious minds

    Your routine-busting visit is made simple by the fact that everyone speaks English, and one of the best ways to re-orient your psyche during your Placencia getaway is to focus on Belize’s vibrant local culture, where stepping away from your routine delivers a world of excitement, color, and sensory pleasure. Among the delights you will find on the Placencia peninsula are:

    • Belize’s best eateries and bars, including Brewed Awakenings, De’Tatch Seafood Beach Bar & Grill, Cozy Corner, and the Tipsy Tuna Sports Bar & Grill where visitors enjoy entertainment, dancing, and karaoke.
    • Tutti Fruitti, the local gelato emporium that offers cooling tastes of exotic flavor options.
    • Walk the Narrowest Main Street in the World, once listed as such by the Guinness Book of Records, and check out Treasure Box, where designer Kaj makes jewelry of lionfish fins, turning an invasive species into an awesome collection of souvenirs and decorative items.
    • The peninsula is a mecca to folks shopping for indigenous art and handicrafts where the label “Made in Belize” showcases paintings, wood carvings, sculpture, and other exquisite hand-made pieces of art. The most intriguing reflect the artistry of Belize’s Garifuna and Creole cultures in addition to the art, cuisine, and music of myriad other cultures.

    Placencia cultural dives

    Staying local: your ticket to the most fulfilling experience

    Laru Beya Resort, located on the Placencia peninsula, delivers on all the excitement mentioned above and more. When you’re not immersed in cultural wonders, Laru Beya offers guests an all-inclusive package that includes tropical lodgings, fabulous meals, and package variations and add-ons that tailor a stay to meet your interests.

    When you’re not roaming the peninsula, onsite amenities keep guests busy—though if your idea of a routine-busting escape is to do nothing at all, this 16-mile-long stretch of land, edged by two coasts, Caribbean, and lagoon, offers endless beauty and tranquility. Your routine-busting experience could even deliver savings if you opt for Laru Beya’s current special if you book immediately for travel before January 5, 2024. Are these incentives unique enough to lure you to Belize? Say yes and kiss your routine goodbye.

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