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  • The La Ruta Maya Canoe Race

    The 2024 La Ruta Maya Belize Canoe Race belongs on your March calendar. For four days—March 8th to March 11th—the focus will be on the Belize River for the longest race of its kind in Central America. Contestants come from around the globe to be part of this event, and should you decide to join them, you’re going to have the time of your life. 

    Every aspect of this event has been meticulously planned by the organizers

    Prepare yourself for excitement as you watch dedicated teams from around the world compete for honors as they spend 4 days in their canoes covering 175 miles. The action kicks off at the Hawksworth Bridge at Cayo District’s San Ignacio Town. But it’s neither the race distance nor international scope of this event that are likely to send you scurrying for plane tickets: Belize turns into one big party during this world-class event where it’s permissible to observe early start times with beverages made by local sponsors that range from tropical fruit drinks to Belikin beers. 

    In addition to watching the action on the river, entertainments associated with this event include learning more about this race’s history and checking out materials used to craft these vessels made from every imaginable material under the sun—including exotic hardwoods and even Kevlar! Why will 2024 be especially amazing? Because COVID was the lone interruption during this event’s quarter century of history, so expect to see milestones reached by teams representing male, female, mixed, and Master class (over age 40) competitors.

    Placencia Belize Resort

    Leave the judging to the experts

    Unless you’ve got skin in the game, come prepared to enjoy this event to the max by building an itinerary that allows you to witness every aspect of this race and see some of Belize’s other fabulous attractions as well. By choosing to stay at Laru Beya Resort  first, you’ll have access the best of the resort offerings when you book the All Inclusive Package plus add-ons that tailor your visit to your every wish.

    After your stay at Laru Beya, use this opportunity to see more of Belize based on these times and sites: 

    Day 1: San Ignacio, Cayo District to Banana Bank, Belize District.

    Day 2: Banana Bank to Double Head Cabbage, Belize District.

    Day 3: Double Head Cabbage to Burrell Boom, Belize District.

    Day 4: Burrell Boom to the bridge finish line in Belize City.

    Come for the competition. Stick around for opportunities to immerse yourself in the best Belize has to offer in terms of sites and attractions. Do bring binoculars. You won’t want to miss the colorful presence each team comes up with to make sure their identities are distinct and synchronized. And since you won’t be “driving” a canoe, you can enjoy as many Belikin beers as you like from your vantage point on the river bank!

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