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  • Picture of fins used while doing Placencia snorkeling.
    Picture of fins used while doing Placencia snorkeling.

    Make These 3 Your Lucky Snorkeling Spots While Visiting Belize

    You don’t have to be superstitious to adopt the number three as your lucky number if you’re putting together an itinerary for snorkeling in Placencia during your Belize vacation you’ve been eager to take. Just remember the number 3. It’s considered so lucky by the Chinese, a Beijing resident paid $215,000 for the phone number 133-3333-3333!

    Bring your device or don’t bother when you set goals of snorkeling in Placencia, Belize, where you will find a marine reserve consisting of 3 small islands surrounded by waters that are home to over 25 species of reef fish!

    Long considered one of the healthiest destinations within the Belize Barrier Reef Reserve Systems, the most idyllic snorkeling spots are Silk Caye and Laughing Bird Caye. Magnificent creatures found beneath the surface include oversized turtles, and sharks—some of which are so docile, they swim away from snorkelers.

    Snorkeling in Belize is magical

    Staying on the Placencia Peninsula in Belize gives you quick access to these cayes where you can join other curious tourists in exploring a fantastical undersea wonderland. Stay at Laru Beach Resort on the peninsula because it is the gateway to Silk and Laughing Bird Cayes. The resort caters to all levels and ages of snorkelers and scuba divers (beginners to pros), so it’s the ideal lodging to get your fill of this exciting marine activity.

    What will you see beside rays, turtles and those non-menacing sharks? How about trumpet fish, angelfish, damselfish, parrotfish, coral gardens plus underwater canyons and mountains. It’s almost too overwhelming, say folks returning to Laru Beya repeatedly because they know there isn’t another resort in the area capable of delivering the ultimate Belize snorkeling experience.

    Booking a Belize all inclusive package is your ticket to fun

    Add the fact that you can make Placencia snorkeling the focus of your stay by exploring Laru Beya Belize all inclusive packages that include luxury accommodations, gourmet meals, other sightseeing tours, ground transport to and from Placencia Belize and all the gear you need to make your adventure a breeze and you understand why guests keep returning. Check the packages out for yourself. See one that calls your name?

    Come for the exciting adventure tours like Placencia snorkeling. Stay for the luxury. Your opportunity to relax and revive your spirit won’t be limited to the snorkeling trips that lured you to Laru Beya and Placencia Belize in the first place. You’ll discover more about Belize’s other wonders during your stay at this popular Belize all inclusive resort, which is exactly why so many visitors don’t just vacation in Placencia—they buy vacation homes here, too!

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