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  • 5 Must Do Activities to Experience in Belize This Year

    Waylan Miki asks the question veteran travelers confront when they are on the move year round: How many choices is too many when setting up a vacation itinerary? Miki describes the phenomenon of “paralysis of choice” that can lead travelers to sign up for everything for fear of missing something and exhausting themselves in the process!

    Are you wise enough to take the word of travel experts who recommend targeting top spots recommended by those who know a country best? Good for you – especially if you’re heading to Belize where so many delights and sights await. Save time by prioritizing these 5 activities, knowing you can do 5 more next time you come down!

    1. Explore the Belize Barrier Reef
    It’s the second longest on the planet, so if astronauts can marvel at this natural wonder from outer space, imagine how thrilled you’ll be to see it in person while diving, snorkeling, fishing or sailing. Reef life is better than a Disney movie since it attracts all manner of colorful fish, turtles and other spectacular creatures.

    placencia belize snorkeling tours

    2. Learn about ancient Maya civilizations
    You don’t have to commit to seeing all 900 ruins to learn about Belize’s mystical history. Indigenous people lived in this nation dating back to 2500 B.C. and over time, they built an empire of culture and architecture that continues to amaze visitors. Their descendants still live among the people of Belize.

    3. Discover Belize’s amazing people and cultures
    When social scientists say that Belize is a melting pot unlike any of its neighbors, they’re not exaggerating. Each of the cultures represented in the mix is unique and intriguing. You’ll meet Mestizo, Kriol, Garifuna, East Indian, Mennonite, Arab and Chinese people during your stay as well as a growing number of North American ex-pats.

    Placencia Sidewalk Arts
    4. Take Monkey River and Cockscomb Wildlife Sanctuary tours

    Choose an ideal resort for your stay and take advantage of thrilling nature tours. At Laru Beya Resort, luxury paired with tours create forever memories, especially for wildlife lovers! The resort’s Monkey River and Cockscomb Wildlife Sanctuary tours are truly awe-inspiring.

    5. Spend time on Placencia beaches
    As luck would have it, the best beaches in Belize can be found just footsteps from Laru Beya accommodations and amenities. Laru Beya is situated at the edge of the Caribbean Sea on the Placencia peninsula where beach time is heavenly. Resort guests take dips in the freshwater pool and they can borrow kayaks, Hobie cats and bicycles that can get you to the nearby town of Placencia in just minutes.

    Does it get any better? That depends upon whether you’d like to save money during your stay Laru Beya stay. Belize vacation packages include everything a traveler craves including the aforementioned experiences. Interested in more enticements? Give these specials your undivided attention!

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