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  • Belize Wildlife

    Whether you can still recall your mom or dad reading to you aloud from the classic Maurice Sendak-illustrated and written book, Where the Wild Things Are – or you’ve just read it to your grandkids, you already know that this book remains a generational favorite. Why do kids love it so much? Because they identify with shy, misunderstood Max who escapes to an island where he finds soulmates among the creatures he meets.

    Is this endearing literature a favorite of yours too? Do you feel a kinship to all animals roaming the planet? Sounds like your next vacation should be to Belize, a nation committed to wildlife preservation and where visitors have ample opportunities to see this nation’s vast collection of indigenous creatures.

    Where to stay to enjoy a fully immersive, wildlife-focused holiday? Laru Beya Resort on the fabulous Placencia peninsula – everyone’s favorite vacation area. Choose one of the resort’s Belize all inclusive packages and Add-Ons to get the ball rolling and all of the time and effort you would spend arranging your stay vanishes.

    In addition to private accommodations, fabulous meals, unlimited local alcoholic beverages, and round trip transport to and from Belize’s International Airport, you can book nature tours that are guaranteed to fulfill your desire to see “where the wild things are” for yourself!

    Monkey River Boat Cruise

    Look up. Look out! You’ll run into Belize wildlife everywhere you go

    • Visit the Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary & Jaguar Preserve where these magnificent yet shy creatures enjoy the freedom to roam this vast expanse of land. You’ll hike, ride inner tubes to float downstream, photograph magnificent waterfalls, and learn all about the area’s flora and fauna during an unforgettable day.
    • Enjoy a lively Monkey River cruise and jungle hike where you will encounter Belize’s most loquacious simians. Howler monkeys love visitors so don’t be alarmed if they yell at you; it’s their way of saying welcome to their world! You’ll spot iguanas, the occasional croc, and cruise along rainforest banks. Your guide will point out medicinal plants along the way and this fun excursion includes a delightful swim and a yummy lunch prepared by local folks.
    • Meet Belize’s loftiest residents: More than 500 species of birds have been spotted either flying over the area or settling down for longer stays. In fact, 80% of these beautiful creatures stick around. There’s a reason Belize has become the bird-watching capital of Central America, and this tour could fill the pages of your birding journal, possibly adding toucans, tinamous, trogons, motmots, herons, king vultures and scarlet macaws to your sightings. Read about all three excursions here.

    Monkey River Boat Cruise

    Laru Beya makes the perfect place to sojourn

    Whether you decide to take all of these tours – or just one because Laru Beya’s onsite activities and environs are irresistible – the small private beach, freshwater infinity swimming pool, complimentary kayaks, Hobie cats, and bicycles plus access to nearby Placencia village – it’s your adventure. Customize it.

    Time your vacation artfully and you could save money by taking advantage of a current Belize special. Book soon to get the dates of your choice – and if the urge strikes, tell your Laru Beya reservationist that the howler monkeys recommended this heavenly resort. They do, you know!

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