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  • How Much Is An All Inclusive Trip To Belize

    Can you put a price on happiness? The answer is no, say philosophers and academics, and plenty of research studies undertaken by psychologists prove the point. But that doesn’t mean wise travelers can’t put a price on the travel discounts available to them, which is why so many are choosing all-inclusive packages when they vacation.

    Even skeptics admit that they would be hard-pressed to find a more stress-free way to relax because happiness is just one of the ways resort guests benefit from these all-in-one bundles. But picking the right location and the right package can make all of the difference, say frequent travelers who find in Belize some of the world’s best all-inclusive deals now that the nation is welcoming visitors once again.

    As of October 1, 2020, not only has the international airport re-opened but major carriers like United and American Airlines have resumed service between Belize and the U.S. Additional carriers are returning in November and December, so Belize tourism is gearing up for a busy winter.

    Covid-19 Entry Requirements
    Source: BTB

    This confluence of fortuitous events leaves you with very few reasons to say no to the chance to take an affordable Belize all inclusive vacation at Laru Beya Resort where the winter sun, pristine beaches, and superior amenities plus package savings offer you and your travel companions a respite from 2020.

    Why an all-inclusive at Laru Beya? These bundles are so stress-free, travelers often say that they will never go back to paying for each item on their itinerary once they’ve experienced this travel style. Everything’s taken care of at a reduced price so even if you’re not trying to save money, you won’t be able to help yourself.

    You save time because you’ve got an itinerary set out in advance. Folks choosing packages insist that they are treated like royalty because details of their stay are pre-arranged so even staff is appreciative. Special interest packages put guests into contact with like-minded people, so if you’re the sociable type, add this to your list of happiness factors.

    At Laru Beya, packages are remarkable. Browse our Belize vacation package page, to see how much value you enjoy while also discovering the variety and extras included in each one. From basic, affordable options to the most extravagant packages that spoil guests to the max, take advantage of current Belize travel deals likely to pique your interest even more.

    Belize’s low virus numbers, a re-opened airport, the return of major airlines, and Laru Beya Resort are all reasons to justify booking a trip, and since the resort has achieved Gold Standard resort certification for its virus-related health and hygiene practices, you couldn’t find a safer place to sojourn.

    We challenge you to think of a single reason why you shouldn’t treat yourself to time in the sun after a year that can best be described as forgettable! After all, packages are meant to be opened by deserving people, and who could be more deserving than you?

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