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  • Best All Inclusive Resort Deals Find them in Placencia Belize

    Is anything worse than returning from a bliss-filled vacation to find invoices in your mailbox detailing expenses incurred while you were relaxing? Nothing ruins a holiday more. For this reason and more, travelers are choosing all inclusive resorts.

    Here are a few reasons why:

    • You know in advance what your vacation will cost and you can budget for it.
    • You’re more likely to add to your itinerary since you’ve prepaid the bill.
    • Tours and activities are included with most packages so you know what to pack.
    • Forget dining arguments. All inclusive resorts hire talented chefs. Picky eaters can read menus before booking!.

    There are a plethora of all inclusive resorts in the Caribbean, but Belize has become an epicenter, offering vacationers a buffet of choices — so you have to do your homework. The best place to start is Laru Beya Beach Resort on the Placencia peninsula where exceptional Belize vacation packages attract guests from around the globe.

    Not feeling comfortable about travel?

    That is understandable. Everyday decisions like vacationing have been fraught with fear and health concerns. But Belize tourism has rebounded and as a result, major airlines have resumed flights. The international airport welcomed both American and United Airlines after reopening on October 1, 2020. Other liners are following suit and there are deals to be had. Health precautions at the airport reassure travelers, too.

    Laru Beya Beach Resort picks up where airlines and the Belize airport leave off. The resort has been granted Gold Standard status for health and hygiene measures put into place to keep guests safe and secure, so the two obstacles that were most off-putting — airplane safety and resort health and hygiene worries — are no longer keeping tourists home. Your all inclusive Belize vacation plans at Laru Beya can move ahead with the utmost confidence whether you want to travel now or after the holidays.

    Best All Inclusive Resort Deals in Placencia Belize

    Four Belize packages. Which calls to you?

    What kind of experiences do you crave when visiting the Caribbean? Laru Beya offers you four options, one of which will strike a chord because it’s exactly what you seek:

    1. Just Chillin’ includes beautiful lodgings, daily meals, unlimited local alcoholic beverages, and plenty of onsite fun.
    2. The Best of Southern Belize Adventure package offers fabulous digs, daily meals, unlimited local alcoholic beverages, plus tours, and free use of a golf cart during your stay.
    3. The Inland and Private Island experience divides time between the mainland and Coco Plum Island Resort where all of those perks include a private candlelit dinner.
    4. The Lover’s Package is loaded with romance, includes all services and experiences listed above, plus your choice of a massage or sunset cruise.

    No matter which Belize package you choose, you can’t go wrong, especially since every guest is invited to discover Laru Beya’s beautiful pool, beach, kayaks, Hobie cat, bicycles, and mini-golf course — none of which add a penny to the bill!

    Choose the Just Chillin’ package and save even more or extend your stay. Both options are yours. When it comes to the best all inclusive deals in Central America, you might say that Belize is mecca, Placencia is paradise and Laru Beya Resort is Eden!

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