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    Conde Nast Traveler magazine editors said it best when they published an article bearing this headline: “Belize Should be on Every Culinary Enthusiasts Radar.” That’s a grandiose statement to make, but in fact, writes Julia Eskins, the “nation famous for its archaeological sites, rainforests, and reefs is finally getting attention for its diverse and sustainable food scene.” At the heart of this paradise is the Placencia Peninsula, a 16-mile-long parcel of land that is so filled with eateries, that tourists say they need longer vacations to taste everything!

    Belize’s eclectic food scene is no accident. It’s the culmination of tumultuous changes that took place over centuries under the weight of migration and occupation by European interlopers, but the legacy left behind is a rich, exciting mix of music, art, and especially food. Some call Belize the world’s most expansive ethnic buffet because fine dining opportunities represent legacies of Maya, Afro-Caribbean, English, Spanish, Kriol, East Indian, Chinese, Mennonite and a sprinkling of other heritages.

    Your eating adventure begins with perfectly located digs

    Placencia Peninsula eateries extend up and down two coastlines (the Caribbean side and the lagoon side). Serious eaters want access to the greatest number of restaurants, which is why centrally located Laru Beya Resort is ideal. This small, quiet property offers oceanfront suites that accommodate varying sizes of travel parties, and amenities include the beach, freshwater infinity swimming pool, and kayaks, so guests can eat their fill without feeling guilty.

    Best of all, transport up and down the peninsula is a breeze thanks to complimentary bicycles and rental golf carts as well as reasonable taxi services all of which can take you to as many restaurants as your time in Belize allows and you’ll also be close to small boutiques, attractions, galleries, and more. Spa services are available within the privacy of your suite or on your balcony, and all you need to book them is a Front Desk reservation.

    Belize food toursHow to maximize your culinary experience

    Laru Beya guests who return to this comfortable sanctuary regularly for both the amenities and the superior customer service highly recommend the property’s All Inclusive Package because it covers every aspect of your holiday, including lodgings, meals, unlimited local bar beverages and transfers between Belize’s International Airport and Placencia.

    You’ll save enough money to afford additional dinner reservations at local cafes, pubs, food emporiums, and vendors when you’re not happily exploring the resort. If you’re as hungry to explore Belize’s natural and cultural wonders as you are to sample myriad cuisines, book one of Laru Beya’s add-ons, especially the Best of Belize Adventure opportunity that enhances a basic package.

    Save even more via the resort’s “Tax Refund to Beach Bliss” special if you book immediately and stay between March 15, 2024 and May 29, 2024. Bring your appetite for adventure and your finely tuned palate for the vacation of your dreams and chances are, you’ll make Laru Beya your future headquarters for fun, food, and so much more.

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