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  • Beachfront accommodations in Belize

    Are you aware of the fact that the moment you relax, what researchers call “an awareness of comfort” immediately impacts the body and the mind? It’s a phenomenon that led four Japanese researchers to an important study that ended up being included in the U.S. National Institutes of Health archives recently.

    What happens to you when you relax? If your answer is “I can’t recall,” because your world is rotating on its axis at twice the speed of light, perhaps it’s time you removed yourself from the chaos and escaped. Where to go? Belize—not just because flights are short but because everyone speaks English, so you’ll feel right at home.

    Find comfort and relaxation the moment you arrive

    Where will you stay? At the epicenter of relaxation and comfort: Laru Beya Resort, a boutique property on the Caribbean coast that’s a mile from the ultra-soothing Placencia lagoon. With two beaches from which to choose, you’ll be surrounded by enough peace and quiet to breathe deeply as every muscle in your body releases tension and you settle into a state of bliss.

    As a guest of Laru Beya, you’ll discover that resort staff is on a single mission: Making certain every minute of your stay is effortless. The all inclusive package and add-ons you select offer you the freedom of not having to make decisions about where you’ll sleep, eat and recreate, so you can set about acquiring the comfort and relaxation you badly need.

    How to grab your share of both? This list is filled with possibilities:

    1. Settle into your roomy lodging and take a nap.
    2. Swim laps in the resort’s infinity pool if sand between your toes isn’t your thing.
    3. Chaise lounges circling the deck and patio invite you to do absolutely nothing.
    4. Unwind using water toys like the resort’s kayak and Hobie Cat inventory.
    5. Complimentary bicycles deliver gentle workouts while you tour this scenic peninsula.
    6. Select resort tours that contribute to your relaxation.
    7. Rent a golf cart for a carefree shopping tour of Placencia Village.
    8. Enjoy fabulous meals (this is no time to count calories!) at the Quarterdeck Restaurant and Bar.
    9. Show up at the Quarterdeck for happy hour if you like meeting new people on vacations.
    10. Make time for at least one in-room spa service, understanding that you may not be able to stop with just one!

    Relaxing vacation in Belize
    How much comfort do you find when offered discounts?

    If the thought of saving money can up the ante on your relaxing getaway, Laru Beya Resort does not disappoint. Arrange your vacation dates to coincide with this amazing special currently available, understanding that timing is important so the property isn’t fully booked on days you seek your share of comfort and relaxation. Jumping on either of these deals can be so comforting, you may feel yourself relax as soon as you book, so what are you waiting for, harried traveler?

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