Belize Fall Vacations

Need Reasons for a Fall or Winter Belize Vacation? How About These?

If you’re a frequent visitor, you already know that there is no “bad season” to vacation in Belize. Come down in the summer and you’ll be rewarded with small crowds, money-saving deals, and no queues at attractions. Given today’s weather reports, the weather in Belize could feel downright comfy compared to temperatures in your area. Spring in Belize marks an end to Central America’s “dry…

Belize Vacation Discounts

Snag Low Season Rates During High Season? You Can at This Belize Beach Resort

Since Belize has become the quintessential go-to vacation spot for North Americans eager for a sunny, friendly Caribbean sojourn that won’t require them to liquidate their assets or learn a second language, devoted visitors don’t have to be convinced of the merits of choosing this nation over neighboring countries. For travelers who have yet to discover the benefits of a Belize vacation, a bit of…

Celebrate Independence Day in Belize

You’re Invited to Belize’s 40th Independence Day Celebration

Had the iconic pop star Prince been Belizean, there’s a more than likely chance that he would have paid homage to 1981 instead of 1999 when he wrote his classic song, Party Like it’s 1999. After a century of United Kingdom colonization, Belize finally gained its independence that year, saying goodbye to the Brit-imposed name British Honduras and welcoming the name befitting the new nation….

Belize Culinary Travel

Daring Foodie or Leisure Lover? Placencia Belize Has Both Covered

Are eating one’s way around a nation and spending the remainder of a vacation while doing absolutely nothing incompatible? Not if you come to Belize where the food scene is hot and your ability to get the best rest you’ve ever experienced is even hotter. If you’ve longed to do both but you haven’t been able to justify an escape, take the advice of Doctor…

december vacations belize

Make it a December to Remember at Belize’s Laru Beya Resort

If you’re a frequent traveler and know that heading to the Caribbean at the end of a typical year can put a huge dent in your bank account, we encourage you to keep this in mind rather than mourning the fact that you’re stuck at home this year coping with snow, wind and daunting temperatures: You can afford to spend Christmas in Belize. It’s not…


Celebrating Belize’s Independence Day

9 Things to Know about Belize Independence Day Must you be a citizen of Belize to fully appreciate the nation’s Independence Day? Not if you have a healthy respect for nations and people who fight hard to break free of colonizers! Besides, the 39th anniversary of Belize’s independence in 2020 comes at an especially auspicious time: The nation is healing from the COVID-19 assault that…