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  • This Placencia Belize Resort Masters the Art of Chill

    If you’re the curious sort, you may wonder how certain words wind up in dictionaries. It’s the job of lexicographers whose responsibilities are to keep these guides updated and current. One interesting example of a word that morphed into contemporary use and remains approved by all lexicographers is “chill.” 

    Chill is a versatile word. A noun, verb, or adjective, origins of “cele” or “ciele” are found in 9th century Germanic and Old English vocabularies. Both denote cold weather, frost, and shivering. Between the 1970s and early 1980s, “chill” joined a category of words derived from slang and adopted by folks seeking one word to describe the ultimate relaxation experience. Chill, it seems, has surpassed its cousin cool in popularity!

    How chill became the coolest way to be cool 

    The Healthline website offers readers a short list of ways to chill out. Included on the list are intentional breathing, physical tension releases, avoiding negative thoughts, visualizing calm environments, and connecting to nature. Do all of these and more at one cool Belize sanctuary: Laru Beya Resort on the Caribbean coast, where chill is the specialty of the house.

    Laru Beya offers guests opportunities to do everything on that Healthline list, including reducing the amount of tension they feel once they pick the all-inclusive package that eliminates decision-making. A connection to nature plus a calming environment is yours with every reservation, and staffers take such good care of guests, you’ll feel like a Hollywood A-lister. 

    Placencia Belize Resort

    Need a crash course on chilling out? 

    The process is a breeze. If you relax best while on the move, the resort’s tour list will vanquish stressors you may have brought with you. Staying closer to your home-away-from-home won’t rob you of having fun since Laru Beya is home to some of the best amenities and onsite activities in Belize.

    Of course, the ultimate chill experience is likely to be one that you rarely treat yourself to because you’re either too busy or preoccupied: Full service spa services require only 24-hours’ notice to book and you won’t have to budge to enjoy anything on that menu because a trained spa professional will come to your lodging to deliver those services.

    The ultimate way to chill? A hot deal!

    Laru Beya has a special offer, so you can act on one of the coolest specials ever. Because this deal allows you to travel any time before December 18, 2023, as long as you read all sale restrictions and book immediately, taking your vacation later in the year gives you lots of planning leeway.

    Got a birthday on the horizon? An anniversary? We won’t ask you why you crave the ultimate getaway, but deals like this could incentivize you to take a close look at the amount of stress you’ve been dealing with, and you may not realize how much you need this break. You do now. This sale is coming to an end. What are you waiting for?

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