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    The University of Exeter, the British Trust for Ornithology, and the University of Queensland teamed up to conduct a study that got attention from the international mental health community: People living in neighborhoods with a preponderance of birds “are less likely to suffer from depression, anxiety, and stress.” 

    It didn’t matter where study participants lived—urban or suburban neighborhoods. As long as birds show up regularly, it doesn’t matter which species of birds people encounter because mood improvements take place just from being in the vicinity of these beautiful creatures.

    The doctor in charge of this study concluded that “interacting with birds” is such a powerful influence on mental health, you’re already being treated to constant avian therapy. Can you imagine how good you’ll feel if you take your next vacation to the birding capital of Central America, Belize? Who needs a therapist when these winged creatures are everywhere you look?

    Prepare to be impressed

    Browse the web to find a Belize bird species count and numbers will vary. We recommend this Wikipedia page for a detailed list of Belize birds. Come to Belize to reap your own mental health benefits simply by booking a birding holiday. 

    But before you pack your binoculars, you’ll need a nest of your own for the duration of your getaway. The ideal property for your birding escape is Belize’s Laru Beya Resort. Laru Beya is perched along the Caribbean Sea thus bird flyovers and stops include both land- and sea-based species. 

    Absolve yourself of responsibility so you can focus on birdwatching by booking the all-inclusive package that takes care of every detail, and pair it with the Laru Beya birdwatching tour. No matter the season, you’ll enjoy an uplifting vacation that delights your eyes and your spirits. Further, count on Laru Beya guides for their expertise; they know where to spot the most number and biggest variety of birds. 

    Belize birding tours

    Are you as smart as some bird species?

    It’s a valid question. According to the Birds & Blooms website, calling someone a bird brain has become a compliment. Birds are smart. Some bird species are eerily human. They plan, memorize, work together, recognize faces, mimic each other, solve problems, and use tools. If forced to pay for their travel arrangements, we’re pretty sure they would have the good sense to shop for deals. 

    In their stead, you can do so by taking advantage of Laru Beya’s current special. This hot travel deal requires immediate reservations because Laru Beya is small, and the resort is fully booked at times, so book your Belize birding vacation today!

    While your reservation must be timely, this bliss-filled birding opportunity allows you to come down any time before December 22, 2023, so if there’s a special occasion on your calendar, your timing couldn’t be better. Besides, Belize birds would approve of your taking advantage of this deal and since they’re both smart and wise, why wouldn’t you take their advice?

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