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    When it comes to inventing pithy slogans to appeal to the general public, the U.S. generally takes the prize. Consider the phrase “more bang for your buck.” It didn’t originate on a used car lot nor during a negotiation at an antique store. Former U.S. Secretary of Defense Charles Erwin Wilson coined the phrase in 1954 when he attempted to explain President Dwight D. Eisenhower’s “New Look” national security policy.

    It’s anyone’s guess whether the phrase passed muster with the public, but one thing is for sure: More bang for the buck has become an iconic idiom that encapsulates the meaning of maximizing every dollar, so when resorts like Laru Beya Resort in Belize use the term, travelers can expect amazing value for every dollar they spend on their vacations!

    About this Beach resort

    View of the Caribbean

    Do you worry that “casual luxury” is a word best associated with properties that cost a small fortune? Not so when it comes to the design, amenities, and extras found at Laru Beya Resort offering a top-notch experience for folks who have budgets to worry about. This property has won awards for its environs and service.

    From the sea-facing suites to the continental cuisine prepared for hungry guests at the resort’s Quarterdeck Restaurant and Bar situated on the three-story deck overlooking the Caribbean Sea and infinity pool, no touch has been spared by management and staff to give every guest a stellar experience. If you’re eager to see what we’re raving about, visit these gallery pages and you’ll be convinced that Laru Beya is paradise.

    Appetite whetted? The good news just keeps coming

    Belize beach resort - infinity pool at sunset

    Browse the resort’s money-saving package menu for details of Belize all-inclusive stays that bundle everything you expect from a luxury sojourn. If you see only one that appeals to you, you’re luckier than most. Guests say deciding between a few of them is hard, and since each one has an all-inclusive price tag, pick the one that you find the most irresistible.

    Think this news can’t get any better? Browse Laru Beya’s current specials that pile savings atop savings like an ice cream cone capable of handling multiple scoops! These specials include discounts on specific packages (good for travel up to December 18, 2021, if you’re a long-range planner), and if you choose the Just Chillin’ option, the longer you vacation, the deeper the discount you get on extended stays.

    At Laru Beya, the staff knows that in addition to a stress-free vacation, you also want value for your money, which is why packages and specials exist and why you’re the recipient of this largesse. Is there a downside? Not exactly, but this boutique resort is small and lush, which means accommodations tend to be grabbed up quickly now that travel is easier and more people desperate for vacations associated with money-saving deals. It’s paradise on a shoestring and who deserves more bang for your buck than you?

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