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  • Laru Beya is Placencia Belize’s Top Resort

    Word of mouth has been buzzing about Placencia, Belize, and its wonderful resorts. After reading stellar reviews from guests on Tripadvisor, travelers have been narrowing down their destination choices to this beautiful location. Laru Beya Resort is a locally owned and managed resort in Belize that is committed to providing the highest quality of service to its guests. The resort puts a great deal of effort into its staff, facilities, and activities to guarantee that all visitors have an extraordinary experience. All staff members are carefully selected and trained to provide the best possible experience for guests. This commitment to strive for excellence and take travelers feedback into account to keep improving, has been recognized by Tripadvisor reviewers, as it has risen to the #3 spot out of 25 resorts in Belize. And since the writing of this blog, Laru Beya has lifted to the #2 spot!

    People can trust the reviews from like-minded travelers to help them pick the perfect place to stay. Savvy travelers admit that they are interested in reading what others have to say about resorts as they make destination choices, so when Laru Beya Resort began to garner tons of positive feedback from Tripadvisor posters, tourists took notice. How complementary are reviews posted on the website? There are too many kudos to print here, but since staff is basking in the glow of these ratings, we feel impelled to share a few, so you know what to expect from this property when you book.

    No better choice in South Belize, enthused one guest who insisted on elaborating. “This is quite simply, the best lodging you will find in southern Belize. Stay here for at least five to six days…and get [an] all-inclusive. Staff are simply amazing, and they seem like they love serving folks. You will not regret it.”

    We discovered sunshine in paradise. “[Laru Beya Resort is] the best place to stay…with the best customer service, what a team, seriously…the best food and beverage I ever tasted in Belize.” This guest became quite smitten with the suite they chose, calling it “beautiful and comfortable!”

    “Unbelizable!” wrote one guest. “The resort is spectacular! Spacious oceanfront suite with a full kitchen. Daily housekeeping kept our room immaculate. Restaurant with delicious options, tropical drinks, and local beers. Wonderful tours offered. The staff and service are second to none! Can’t wait to return.”

    Best Anniversary Ever!!!! “We chose this resort because it housed our large group of 31. I never expected to be treated so well…from the front desk to the service personnel. We are not ones to [return] to a vacation spot…but we will definitely visit Laru Beya again!!! Until next time!” And yes, all 8 exclamation points were added by this guest!

    Placencia Belize Resort

    At Laru Beya, the sky is the limit in terms of perks, especially if you follow the sage advice of the enthusiast who mentioned the resort’s Belize all-inclusive package. Further, the resort’s add-ons are enticing, and the current special could sweeten your stay by delivering a discount. The glowing reviews posted on Tripadvisor speak for themselves. Guests have praised the resort’s staff for their friendly and attentive service, its comfortable and beautiful suites, and its delicious food and drinks. Many have even gone so far as to say that Laru Beya Resort is the best place to stay in southern Belize. With its unbeatable combination of affordability, comfort, and service, it’s no wonder that Laru Beya Resort is a top resort in the Placencia area on Tripadvisor.

    According to an Inc. magazine survey, 84% of people who travel “trust online reviews as much as friends,” so consider this advice: Stop listening to Uncle Fred. Start relying on people who have nothing to lose or gain by speaking out about the places that make them feel like the only guests in the world!

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