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  • Best Belize extended tours

    If you’ve been disappointed after signing up for tours—only to find they’re so short, they barely scratch the surface of the place you came to see—you know how important it can be to expect value for your money. At Laru Beya Resort in Belize, guests know that the staff has created carefully curated tours to offer a complete picture of the tastes, aromas, and sounds you expect during an immersive visit.

    Forget wimpy adventures! They don’t exist in the Laru Beya lexicon. Each of the following will engage your mind, and your curiosity, and in some cases, provide a fitness boost. Make your holiday an extended stay so you don’t miss a thing!

    A blast from the past: Despite Belize’s small landmass, there are around 900 ancient ruins and your Laru Beya host recommends two of the most intriguing via Laru Beya Mayan Ruin Tours. See Xunantunich (paired with a stop at the Inland Blue Hole) and Nim Li Punit with a Tropical Spice Farm and Botanical Garden tour.

    Push your boundaries: Does the Belize Maya Canopy Jungle Zipline & Waterfall Swim tour sound like your kind of adventure? The zipline experience is fun, exciting, and challenging enough to earn the admiration of friends when you share details of your wild ride. Finish this tour with a refreshing dip in a jungle waterfall pool.

    Slow, easy, and fascinating. The sights, sounds, and beauty of Belize’s lush jungle surround you as you cruise the Monkey River where your desire to spot exotic birds and perhaps interact with chatty howler monkeys is just the beginning of this tour. A jungle hike gets you closer to flora and fauna that thrives in this rarified environment. You’ll explore under the watchful eye of a tour guide who never met a guest question he couldn’t answer!

    Belize Jungle Vacation - Monkey

    One delicious experience. You don’t have to eat the chocolate you’ll make on your Maya chocolate tour, but your willpower may melt as you learn all there is to know about the history and preparation of chocolate treats once available only to high priests and royalty. Your samples will be yummy enough to delight anyone with a sweet tooth seeking an excuse to indulge.

    Chocolate Tours in Belize
    Hang out with jaguars
    . Ordinarily, you would have to tour zoos to see these sleek cats, but in Belize, you could spot one in the wild at Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary and Jaguar Preserve. Rare and endangered, jaguars have made a phenomenal comeback thanks to this nation’s conservation initiatives and as a tourist, you’re the beneficiary of this ongoing effort.

    Every one of these tours can be added to your all-inclusive package, so whether you’re ready to challenge yourself to a zipline adventure or tasty chocolate trumps all, you’ll never be short-changed during your Laru Beya sojourn where tours are long enough to satisfy and delight and where guides are always happy to show off their knowledge! Opt for bundled tours and choose the Best of Belize Adventure Add-On, which features a variety of handpicked adventure tours such as the Monkey River tour zip-lining or tubing or exploring ancient Mayan ruins, and snorkeling, making for a perfect all-inclusive Belize itinerary.

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