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    Are eating one’s way around a nation and spending the remainder of a vacation while doing absolutely nothing incompatible? Not if you come to Belize where the food scene is hot and your ability to get the best rest you’ve ever experienced is even hotter.

    If you’ve longed to do both but you haven’t been able to justify an escape, take the advice of Doctor Sussanna Czeranko who calls rest the most “Undervalued, inaccessible, awesome therapy” humans undertake in concert with professionals who add, “when we eat for pleasure, the body releases chemicals that trigger a feeling of reward.” Rest and food; the quintessential dynamic duo.

    Belize is an agricultural wonderland

    No wonder you’re interested in a vacation that feeds your need to rest and your desire to discover the culinary world of Belize where every element under the sun combine to improve mind and body. Belize’s agricultural base is vast and growing with each year.

    -The nation’s farms produce the most bountiful crops in Central America, including a flourishing cacao industry
    -Belize cuisine is a delicious amalgam of Mestizo, Maya, Kriol, Garifuna, Spanish, and other ethnic traditions
    -Seafood is a hallmark of Belize cookery, though farm-raised chickens, beef, and pork make significant contributions
    -Locally-owned rum, beer, and wine companies are flourishing.

    Where to find your fill of rest and food

    The resort you choose for your Belize vacation can make the difference between returning home in a state of bliss and needing another vacation! Choose Laru Beya Resort on the Placencia peninsula, and you can kiss your cares goodbye.

    This haven is an all-inclusive resort that hugs the ocean and invites you to divide your time between the outdoor infinity pool, gourmet restaurant, and bar. Choose between having spa services delivered within the privacy of your suite, on your balcony, or on the beach where a chaise lounge under a swaying palm tree awaits.

    Spend as much time on the beachfront as you wish or rouse yourself long enough to borrow a golf cart, bicycle, water sports equipment, and get in a little recreational time. Best of all, your restful activities coincide with proximity to the alfresco Quarterdeck Restaurant and Bar where an ever-changing menu could preoccupy your thoughts throughout your stay.

    Belize Leisure Travel
    You’re rested. You’re fed. How about dessert?

    Having fulfilled your desire to experience Belize’s culinary and relaxation delights, dessert is in order, and even the finest Belizean chocolates can’t surpass the offer of a discount on your Laru Beya experience. Current amazing deals don’t come along every day, so your timing is of the essence.

    Discounts associated with booking deadlines plus financial incentives to stay longer are just two of the ways you can save money and even if you book now, you don’t have to travel until mid-December so you’ve all the time in the world to make your plans.

    Interested? Of course, you are. Read more about how you can benefit from these Belize specials and pack a bib so you’re properly dressed to meet the first of many lobsters you’ll enjoy during your stay!

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