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  • Placencia Belize Most Luxe Honeymoon Destination

    Is it Too Early to Plan Your 2021/2022 Honeymoon? Not if You Seek Paradise!

    In case you don’t keep tabs on statistics because you’re too busy cuddling with the love of your life and planning your wedding, we feel duty-bound to inform you that marriage rates are plummeting. First-time brides and grooms are getting older and women, in particular, make no apologies about putting careers first, so by the time “the one” comes along, waiting a little longer to have that wedding is no big deal.

    Because couples don’t mind putting some distance between engagement and festivities, you may not be surprised to learn that plans for weddings and honeymoons destined to take place throughout 2021 and into 2022 are becoming the norm! Now that you know you’re among this universe of thoughtful planners as eager to kiss Covid goodbye as you are to cement your love affair in style, why not make your honeymoon destination equally spectacular by coming to Placencia Belize, the epicenter of honeymoon heaven?

    Go where tropical breezes carry you: a Belize Honeymoon

    couple honeymooning in belize

    Laru Beya, a small boutique resort designed with romantics in mind, is the ideal honeymoon haven, which is why reservations for 2021 and 2022 are already on the resort’s books. There are plenty of reasons why picky couples decide upon Laru Beya for their Belize honeymoon after undertaking a thorough research effort. They include:

    • Laru Beya’s package deals take the work out of planning because everything’s included
    • Comfy oceanfront suites are designed for intimacy and privacy
    • Staff at the award-winning Quarterback Restaurant and Bar are happy to accommodate all of your dietary requests
    • Onsite spa services delivered to your suite, balcony, or the beach mean you don’t have to budge from your nest
    • You’ll be headquartered on the Placencia Belize peninsula, the nation’s trendiest destination for newlyweds.

    No work, no hassle, no worries!

    The Best Place to Honeymoon in Belize

    In order to make life even easier for couples for whom relaxation and privacy is paramount, Laru Beya staff has undertaken the kind of research you took when planning your Belize honeymoon by designing All Inclusive Belize honeymoon packages that you will find impressive because they include itinerary items you might never have thought to include.

    As you can see when you browse the Laru Beya All Inclusive Belize honeymoon packages page, no detail has been left to chance, and because staff understands that no two couples are alike in terms of the amount of time they have to honeymoon and the style of vacation they prefer, they’re ready to customize your honeymoon so it meets your explicit wishes and desires.

    Because bookings for this popular Belize honeymoon package are already being grabbed up into 2022 – and because this boutique resort is small and cozy – it’s not too early to secure your own arrangements right now! After all, you’ve waited some time to make your wedding dreams reality and there’s no time like the present to secure your romantic post-wedding getaway!

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