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  • The 7 Best Day Trips From Placencia Belize

    If God can create the world in 7 days, it stands to reason that you can create an amazing 7-day itinerary that feels like heaven when you vacation in Belize, a nation guaranteed to remind you of Eden as you explore the nation’s magnificent jungles, gardens and rain forests.

    And while there are more than two of each animal species roaming the nation known for wildlife diversity, a fantastic number of creatures will be on hand to welcome you, especially once you check into the award-winning Laru Beya resort, the paradise hosting a week-long day trip itinerary you won’t soon forget.

    1. Dive right in. Choose a Scuba Diving Tour at Laru Beya Resort based on your skill, experience and desires under the guidance of expert divers. Look for manta rays and sea turtles during your time under the water and if you visit when whale sharks are in town, you’re invited to swim with these people-friendly creatures.


    2. Go snorkeling. Get up close and personal within a Disney-like underworld that could bring you into close proximity to schools of trumpet fish, angelfish, damselfish, and parrotfish. Belize’s Barrier Reef is the second longest in the world and seeing this colorful reef filled with corals and marine life is like icing on the diving cake.

    3. Go fish! The iconic card game can’t hold a candle to choices you get when you book any of the fishing tours on the Laru Beya menu. From mangrove lagoons to the vast expanse of ocean hugging the barrier reef, these fishing tours and charters have no equal along the Caribbean rim.

    4. Go back in time. Must you see all 900 Mayan ruins to qualify as an expert on Mesoamerican history? Only if you insist. The secret to enjoyment is the selection of diverse venues that are close to the resort so you see everything through the eyes of your knowledgeable guide.

    Belize Family Adventure Travel

    5. Get your zip on. Folks who keep saying they’re going to experience zip lining can check this exciting activity off their lists during a wild ride over the forest canopy. If conquering new heights isn’t your thing, how about plunging to a secret cave? Doing both is no problem if you sign on for this pulse-raising duo.

    6. Explore jungles during nature tours that introduce you to Belize’s loudest and most elegant residents that include a breathtaking array of birds flying overhead, all of the big cats that call sanctuaries and wildlife reserves home and you’ll hear the Howler monkeys from afar as you enjoy Laru Beya’s adventure tours.

    7. Discover Placencia, a colorful, delightful village that is a pairing of old and new. Once a thriving fishing hub, today’s environs are filled with art galleries, restaurants, bars and other attractions and there’s no better place to meet the friendliest people in the world. There’s more to do so check all of these out and if you can’t choose, you can do them all, you know!

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