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  • Belize Travel Tips

    Who doesn’t appreciate travel tips from people who have been to a nation and want to help others have a great time, too? These tips are sure to make your Belize vacation a journey you’ll remember fondly for many years to come.

    Tip #1: It’s okay to make fun of friends learning foreign languages because they picked Caribbean destinations that require them to converse in French or Dutch. Belize is awash in English speakers so you don’t have to strain your brain during your stay.

    Tip #2: Every month in Belize is a good time to visit. If you come between November and mid-April (high season) you’ll pay more for everything and deal with crowds, but if this is your style, you’ll revel in the atmosphere. Come at other times, save a fortune and forget crowds. Which is your preference?

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    Tip #3: Leave your calculator at home, even if you’re not a math whiz. In Belize, every $1 USD equals around $2 BZD. No need to waste vacation time doing calculations every time you pay for a service or shop.

    Tip #4: Play your cards right. Use your Visa or Mastercard, since both are universally accepted. You could have problems using an AmEx card and finding ATMs could be dicey, though the bigger the destinations, the better your chance of finding one. Cash remains the universal currency that won’t let you down, so bring some.

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    Tip #5: Pack an adapter (helps adapt plugs into foreign outlets) and converter (changes the voltage to suit your devices). Belize is home to type A-, B- and G-style power plugs; the standard voltage is 110/220V. Choose products offering surge protection so you’re never without the power you need.

    Tip #6: Yes, it’s safe to visit Belize, but don’t be foolish. Get wasted and wander around alone at night and you’re asking to be victimized. Visitors are especially safe in popular tourism areas where it’s still not a wise idea to get wasted and roam around at night.

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    Tip #7: Be a little spontaneous. Adapt your itinerary to include seasonal festivals, carnivals, wildlife tours, celebrations, and expeditions to Maya caves and sites. Always ask about how strenuous each activity will be so you don’t overdo it and wind up missing other fun trips because you’ve pushed yourself too hard.

    Okay – make that number 8 tips!

    Stay at a resort that never disappoints: Laru Beya Villas where luxury and service meet. Belize vacation packages provide everything you desire from stunning digs and world-class gourmet dining to amenities plus tours that show off the best of Belize.

    Since Laru Beya is located on the 16-mile-long Placencia peninsula, you’ll have access to nearby communities but you won’t run out of things to do on-site given the infinity pool, private beach, kayaks, Hobie cats, bicycles, golf carts, and spa services.

    Visit the resort’s specials page to glimpse current deals but these offers are only good until December 18, 2021. That date will be here before you know it, so here’s our final tip: Get down here as soon as you can. Paradise awaits.

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