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  • travel sustainably in Belize

    For travelers who wouldn’t dream of taking a vacation if their destination, activities, or mere presence had the ability to damage Mother Earth, Belize is an ideal place to visit for myriad reasons.

    The Belize government and tourism industry work hard to protect everything from jungles and rainforests to endangered animal species that include monitoring lobster catches to keeping land, air, and sea creatures from becoming extinct, so you might say that Belize deserves to be held up as a model of responsibility for the entire world.

    If you love everything about the idea of planning a holiday that is so low impact, nobody will ever know that you visited and stuck around after you return home, the following suggestions can help you formulate your plans so you travel while borrowing the first words of the international medical community’s Hippocratic oath: First, do no harm.

    -Show your respect for Belize’s coastline, rivers, lagoons, and lakes. Everything you put on your body before you snorkel, dive, swim, and indulge in water sports has the ability to taint the waters you frequent. Use “reef-safe” sunscreen to avoid polluting waters. Watch out for all living things you encounter by resisting the urge to touch them – especially coral and aquatic creatures who could be harmed by your good intentions.

    Belize Coral Reef

    -Grabbing puddle jumpers that fly you from place to place within Belize’s borders may seem an ideal way to get around but keep this in mind: The entire country of Belize is only 13-percent larger than the state of Massachusetts. You wouldn’t think of flying from place to place if you vacationed there, right? Depend upon Belize’s ground transportation or a rent a car and save some of that jet fuel for longer flights.

    -Support small businesses during your stay. If you run a small business, you know how difficult it can be to compete with “the big boys,” so do your best to frequent fruit stands, boutiques, mom and pop shops, and small, family-owned enterprises you will encounter everywhere you go. By supporting local businesses you give back to the community in so many ways, leaving an imprint of your time in the country that has the potential to resonate down the road.

    Stay at a resort specializing in sustainable hospitality

    Laru Beya Resort, located on the Placencia peninsula, is an ideal way to balance your goal of vacationing responsively with enjoying a relaxing holiday. Not only does Laru Beya provide stunning lodgings, but the onsite restaurant is a great example of the movement in Belize to showcase the nation’s sustainability movement.

    Farm-to-table and sea-to-plate culinary fare at the resort are great examples of ways staff makes certain that guests are fed healthy, fresh food while also contributing to thriving local agricultural efforts.

    Belizean dinner

    Not only can you help save the planet by sojourning at Laru Beya, but you can save money by choosing the all-inclusive package that best suits your budget. Save money and the planet? That’s a goal to which we should all aspire!

    Finally, Laru Beya’s tour menu is remarkable. It includes adventures that showcase the nation’s commitment to responsible living, but you’ll have so much fun, you won’t notice how much you are learning about this nation’s herculean efforts to help save the planet.

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