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  • Placencia Belize Lobsterfest

    How would you fare if you were asked to lay a round of lobster trivia? Browse these facts and victory could be yours:

    • Lobsters have eight walking legs used to crawl forward, but they swim backwards.
    • Each one has a “dominant claw,” just like left- or right-handed people.
    • Lobsters can re-grow body parts in around five years.
    • Lobsters smell with their legs but have poor vision.
    • Lobster stomachs are located behind their eyes and they’re tiny.
    • If lobsters can’t find their favorite meals—they’re happy to dine on a friend.
    • Lobsters are what scientists call “biologically immortal”; they show no signs of aging.
    • They can live to be 100 if they avoid predators and clever lobstermen.
    • They don’t feel pain, a positive note for diners for whom throwing them into boiling water is distressing!

    The lure of the lobster can be irresistible

    Though lobster is a seafood that went from being the mainstay of diets for poor people living on the Caribbean rim to the elevated status of luxury, exclusivity, and the highest prices on most restaurant menus, you can still have your fill by heading south in July when Lobster Fest is staged on Belize’s Placencia Peninsula on July 5th, 6th, and 7th, 2024.

    This annual celebration has grown enormously over the years, according to travelers who show up every summer. Some are motivated by price. Lobster served at the festival is so affordable, it can justify your vacation. Order a lobster dinner in New York City for $100+. Order a lobster at every meal, you’re looking at a food tab of nearly $1000. Getting to and from Belize and sticking around for this party could be cheaper!

    Placencia Belize Lobsterfest 2024Where to stay to maximize your lobster experience

    Staying on the Placencia Peninsula offers you proximity to all aspects of this nationwide celebration, and Laru Beya Resort is considered a most-favored place to sojourn. This property puts guests right in the middle of the festivities which include every type of entertainment you could ask for in addition to opportunities to consume as much lobster as you want at every meal.

    Save money by opting for Laru Beya Resort’s All Inclusive Package, awash in so many extras, you couldn’t get bored if you tried. Are you worried that you won’t be able to resist piling on the butter? Don’t give it a thought. Booking weekly scheduled tours and onsite amenities can help you avoid putting on extra pounds during your getaway.

    Lobster Fest, like Christmas, only takes place once a year, and coming to the acknowledged epicenter of all things crustacean could delight you so much, you decide to join the growing number of returnees already planning for 2025. Time is of the essence, lobster lover since reservations for 2024 are already coming in. You’ll want to make yours immediately and don’t bother to shop for bibs. You’ll find plenty of them at the Fest!

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