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    Followers of blogger Ruth Nuss considered her a hero when she wrote about taking her daughters—ages three and four—on a three-week trip to Europe and these successful trips resulted in blog posts that help other families follow in her footsteps. She admits that taking young ones overseas, “isn’t for everyone,” but for those who do, memories, fun, and so much more await.

    If you admire her tenacity but have your doubts about whether you have the patience and stamina to take your young kids abroad for nearly a month, we have a solution for you: Don’t go to Europe. Start out small. The ideal overseas location to visit is Belize, a short plane ride from home where everyone speaks English and where there are so many child-friendly things to do, you’ll wonder why you felt any trepidation!

    Ruth Nuss’s Tips for taking your youngsters on holiday

    • things to do in Belize with kidsSchedule passports early for every member of your family
    • Consider applying for TSA PreChecks to get through screening lines faster
    • Travel during shoulder season to avoid crowds and save money
    • Bring snacks for the short flight to Belize
    • Do a little research on what to see and do during your getaway
    • Pick a family-friendly resort for your adventure!

    Expect your kids to be spoiled by staffers at Laru Beya Resort

    Belizeans are the friendliest people you’ll ever encounter (when traveling with and without kids), and you’ll want to know that staffers chosen to care for guests at Laru Beya are evaluated not just for their respective skills but also for their love of little ones. In fact, their patience could inspire you!

    By saying yes to Laru Beya’s Belize All Inclusive Package, you’ll save money and avoid having to make decisions throughout your stay, and if your kids are older, the Best of Belize Adventure Add-On could deliver the ideal mixture of activities and experiences best suited to all family members.

    Ready for fun? As guests of Laru Beya, enjoy all of these delights

    • Splash in the infinity pool just steps from your accommodation.
    • Grab beach time. Kids love making sand sculptures while you relax and do nothing.
    • If your kids are older, borrow kayaks or a Hobie Cat from the Laru Beya inventory.
    • Ride bicycles to stay fit and tour the area.
    • Play a few rounds of mini golf. Let the kids win on occasion.
    • Take the Monkey River Tour. You and the kids can scream back at the howler monkeys.
    • Don’t miss the Chocolate Farm Tour for all the right reasons!

    If you’d also like to save big on the entirety of your stay between now and December 18, 2024, the current Ultimate Summer Escape could be the answer to your last concerns about taking the kids to Belize. You’ll have to book immediately, but if you can save money by scheduling your family trip cleverly, why wouldn’t you want to pursue this amazing deal?

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