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    5 Reasons Scuba Enthusiasts Always Choose Placencia Belize

    When your mind travels to the pleasures of scuba diving, there’s a good chance you reflect upon the beauty, serenity, and eye candy that appears the moment you peek below the surface. What you may not know is that there are reasons you feel so great after time spent underwater: You get aerobic and anaerobic workouts that baby your joints, improve your flexibility and strength and your body optimizes oxygen more efficiently each time you scuba dive.

    If you dive with others, social benefits are limitless and travel involved with finding idyllic places can’t be underestimated. Take the word of Alice Morgan whose seminal article for the Journal of Disability and Rehabilitation describes the therapeutic benefits combat veterans who have experienced physical and psychological trauma get from scuba diving. Some credit scuba diving with saving their lives.

    Given these facts, can you imagine how therapeutic your post-Covid scuba dive getaway could contribute to your wellbeing? But no ordinary place will do. Placencia Belize is a scuba diving paradise and for many more reasons than the following five.

    1. Placencia’s vibrant community of divers is diverse. The peninsula attracts everyone from beginner to expert. This blissful 16-mile-long peninsula is a scuba mecca where like-minded people congregate to enjoy their favorite aquatic activity.

    2. Placencia is home to Belize’s top professionals. Divemasters and instructors flock to Placencia because it’s a hub for scuba divers and who doesn’t want to practice their profession amid a nation’s largest congregation of water sport enthusiasts?

    3. Placencia Village is a vibrant center of shops, eateries, cultural spots, museums, music, and nightlife. Dive during the day; party at night. Caribbean music pervades the Village scene. Restaurants? No matter what cuisine you crave, you’ll find it here.

    4. Placencia is Belize’s water sports capital. Crystal clear water paired with pristine beaches invite enthusiasts to indulge every whim: swimming, scuba diving, snorkeling, fishing, and kayaking on both Placencia’s ocean and lagoon coasts.

    5. Placencia’s proximity to world-class dive locations is breathtaking and includes the Belize Barrier Reef, Silk Cayes, South Water Caye, Pompion Caye, Laughing Bird Caye, Glover’s Reef, Gladden Spit, the Great Blue Hole, and more. These magnificent wonders are reasons divers wouldn’t go elsewhere in Central America.

    Where to stay so you can play?

    5 Reasons Why You Should Add Belize’s Placencia To Your Scuba Diving Bucket List

    Laru Beya Resort is the quintessential spot for divers to headquarter and hosts have designed all inclusive Belize vacation packages that suit every vacationer for a single price. You’ll be amazed by each package option, so whether all you want to do during your stay is remain suited up in your scuba gear or you’d also love to see sites travel writers rave about when they profile Placencia, you’re the decider.

    Here’s the best part: Laru Beya hosts love tailoring excursions to guest specifications, so if those packages aren’t exactly what you crave, this Placencia resort is happy to customize your experience so you get your fill of your favorite aquatic past time. Can you think of a time you needed a fun-filled scuba adventure more than right now? We see you saying “No!” Gear up. The land of the ideal scuba experience awaits.


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