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    The word “shark” seems to have taken on a wide range of meanings. Some lawyers are called sharks and sharks sit at card tables, menacing unsuspecting players by taking all of their money. But sharks are maligned, say oceanographers at Here are a few myths you can discard:

    • They aren’t out to terrorize humans
    • All sharks are the same. Actually, there are 500 species.
    • They like to dine on humans. Nope. They prefer fish.
    • They should disappear. Ocean ecology wouldn’t be healthy without them.
    • They’re stupid. Seriously? Nothing could be further from the truth.
    • They never stop swimming. Think again. Their favorite R&R is snoozing on ocean floors.


    Ready to meet some of these shy creatures?

    Having received that short education, how would you like to see for yourself just how docile sharks can be by meeting up with whale sharks off the coast of Belize in 2021? The ideal time to come for this experience is spring. That’s when whale sharks flock to the waters of the outer reef near Gladden Spit where phases of the full moon trigger feeding frenzies. Sharks rise to the surface for a buffet of freshly laid fish spawn and gigantic swarms of tiny plankton.

    Because these sharks are protected by Belize authorities, you must arrange for an authorized tour guide to escort you to this area where a limited number of divers are invited to interact with these amazing creatures. Where to find the right guide? Just ask the concierge at Belize’s most popular destination for whale shark fans — Laru Beya Resort.


    The right resort for the best shark adventures

    Laru Beya is located in close proximity to the Gladden Spit where the sharks hang out, the resort itself has been included on the top 5 lists for Belize whale shark hotspots and package deals cover meals, transport, beautiful accommodations, and more. But the best part of a package is that the focus of your stay will be concentrated on dive time while all of the arrangements covered by your stay are included.

    Due to governmental regulations, Covid health and hygiene restrictions, and Laru Beya’s eagerness to treat you like the only whale shark adventurer(s) at the resort, diving parties are small and some are custom designed just for one or two guests, so you tailor your experience to suit your wishes. Every minute of your whale shark adventure will thrill and delight you, as will your stay at Laru Beya where guests are treated like royalty and every moment you spend in Belize is guaranteed to be unforgettable.

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