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    Who doesn’t want to vacation in a nation that is so small, everything that winds up on your “must have” list is within easy reach? Proximity to Belize beaches, jungles, Maya ruins, caves, wildlife sanctuaries and every aquatic activity on the planet delivers more value for visitor dollars than larger, more expensive destinations that limit the amount of attractions one can see during a brief getaway.

    You want to do it all, especially since you’ve had to hibernate for months because tourism and travel industries have remained off-limits since the COVID virus grew from a few cases in China to a worldwide pandemic. Belize is opening up, and you’re the lucky recipient of that excellent news!

    In order to enjoy this bounty of vacation perks, the right accommodation can mean the difference between a so-so experience and one that’s so fabulous, you won’t want leave. Few resorts meet the criteria for proximity to Mother Nature’s playground as Laru Beya Resort where jungle, surf and history are found everywhere you turn.

    Jungle? Beach? You don’t have to choose

    Belize Beach Jungle Vacation Package

    To maximize your holiday experience, Laru Beya has carefully crafted a Jungle and Beach package that includes a taste of everything Belize has to offer. How is this package different from run-of-the-mill stays? You get two resorts for one all-inclusive price, so once you’ve explored the mainland, hiked rainforests and spent time at those ancient ruins, off you go to a private island where you see how it feels to live like the rich and famous.

    Here’s the best part of this vacation: Everything is included at both locations, so your only job is to arrive in Belize and put yourself into the welcoming hands of staff at both Laru Beya and Coco Plum Island Resort. Gourmet meals, transfers and luxury accommodations await at both resorts and for folks who are interested in seeing how many hours they can spend doing nothing but staring at the Caribbean Sea, you’ll get your fill of rest and relaxation at both resorts.

    Belize All-inclusive: The first choice of savvy travelers

    If you’re not familiar with all-inclusive packages you’re going to become a convert after your sojourn to both resorts with this package. In addition to essentials like local transport, posh digs, themed tours, local alcoholic beverages and extraordinary food, you don’t have to wake up each day wondering what to do. Everything at both locations is pre-planned, so if you need to wind down in a place that meets virus protective standards, you will not only be delighted but you will feel safe within the confines of both destinations, too.

    The jungle is expansive. Beaches are unlimited and pristine. Both resorts are intimate, private and the essence of tranquility, but since each location is small — especially Coco Plum Island — you can’t afford to put off booking your stay if you don’t want to be disappointed when asking for specific dates this year or in 2021. This Belize all inclusive package has everything a vacationer needs and wants. All that’s missing from this remarkable vacation experience is you.

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