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    According to GoodTherapy.Org, a single session with a psychologist costs between $100 and $200 per hour. Why not spend the same amount of money on a beach where you’ll be too relaxed to get uptight?

    “Inc. Magazine” has been giving business professionals and entrepreneurs advice, tracking trends and recognizing business innovation since 1979 when MIT-trained mechanical engineer Bernie Goldhirsh launched his publication. But for dedicated readers, Inc.’s recent “How the Beach Benefits Your Brain, According to Science” article must have given them pause.

    Beaches? What about mergers, capital investments and start-ups worthy of attention? In fact, author Anne Gherini found that beaches can be a stressed-out business person’s road to sanity. The beach, it seems, “is one of the best places to alleviate stress and heal your brain.” You would be hard-pressed to find a beach capable of rehabilitating brains, spirits, and outlooks more than the 16-mile-long Placencia peninsula on the Belize coast.

    How does beach time rehabilitate a brain and de-stress a body?

    -Rhythmic waves put the brain into a meditative state, healing and strengthening it.
    -When lungs fill with salty air, brains receive immediate benefits thanks to calming negative ions.
    -Contemplating blue sea water prompts “psychological, emotional and physical effects,” say Global Healing Center experts.
    -Depression lifts when exposed to ionized air; symptoms of seasonal affective disorder (SAD) may disappear.
    -Walk barefoot on a beach and nerves and acupuncture points in the feet relax the entire body quickly.

    Even your doctor would agree!

    Performing at the highest level requires rest and recuperation and there’s no better place to get both than Laru Beya Resort on the Placencia peninsula. Even the resort’s name conveys a sense of calm. It’s the Garifuna translation of “on the beach.” Safe, gorgeous and lush, Laru Beya caters to as many stressed-out parents as they do stressed-out business types year-round, so you will be in good company!

    Visitors design the vacation they need in concert with resort staff trained in the art of gracious hospitality. For off-site diversions, Laru Beya is close to the western side of the peninsula’s mangrove-lined lagoon where fishing is unparalleled. On the other coast, the Belize Barrier Reef just offshore offers unrivaled diving, snorkeling and deep sea fishing. A fishing community filled with cultural activities, shopping and fun diversions located at the tip of the peninsula adds to a full itinerary of options.

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    Declare yourself free of decision making

    Take advantage of the fact that Laru Beya is one of the only all inclusive resorts in the area. You don’t have to open your wallet or your mind for the duration of your stay unless you insist.

    All inclusive packages give you access to a secluded bar area, outdoor infinity pool, award-winning onsite restaurant and bar (the Quarterdeck) and gorgeous suites designed with luxury, tranquility and beauty in mind. Accommodations overlook the sea, so you’re continually soothed and exposed to the Caribbean’s stress-busting healing benefits.

    Year-round rate options and seasonal specials give you ample reason to schedule a Laru Beya trip in 2023. Those languid beaches await during every season, which is why stressed-out northerners book multiple trips to re-energize themselves at a resort dedicated to restoring balance and perspective.

    From spa services to gorgeous tropical digs, make 2023 the year you turn your mind and body over to the beach and the sea in an idyllic world ruled by Mother Nature where everything you crave awaits. Mother won’t send you a bill for her services, either!

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