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  • 8 Incredible Places To Visit in Southern Belize

    Belize is one of the most culturally diverse nations in the Western Hemisphere, thanks in part to it’s Chinese residents. Many keep up with traditions families left behind. Why mention this? Because the number 8 is the luckiest number of all in Chinese society, so your decision to visit 8 of the most popular places on the Placencia peninsula is a most fortuitous decision that is bound to bring you luck, too.

    #1: Visit the Maya ruin Nim li Punit. Nestled into the foothills of the Maya Mountains, this 1000-year-old ruin is covered with terraced green moss and on a clear day, you can see the Caribbean Sea in the distance. Don’t miss the visitor’s center. It’s filled with fascinating relics.

    #2: Take a trip to Silk Cayes. This cluster of 3 tiny islands offers visitors deserted sandy beaches and clear, shallow shorelines ideal for snorkeling. You’ll spot vivid corals, nurse sharks, parrotfish, rays and sea turtles—a peaceable kingdom waiting for you to discover it beneath the water.

    #3: Laughing Bird Caye. Who said luck couldn’t be paired with humor? Named for birds that once used this isolated spot as their breeding ground, this little island remains a popular spot for kayakers, sailors and tourists eager for quiet—a tranquility that did not exist when these loud birds roosted here.

    #4: Sail the Monkey River. You’ll be welcomed by screams from some of the loudest primates in the country: howler monkeys. This area offers opportunities to bird watch, trek nature trails and look for wildlife that may include deer, ocelots, tapirs and possibly jaguars.

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    #5: Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary. Stringent laws protect the jaguar living in the world’s only protected reserve on earth. Located in the Stann Creek District, 12 miles of nature trails crisscross this lush, 150-square-mile sanctuary.

    #6: Placencia Village: Roam the village on foot or by bike. Browse local art, grab a bite at a local restaurant, a cocktail at Barefoot Beach Bar and don’t leave town until try authentic Italian gelato at Tutti-Fruitti where the Belizean favorite, soursop gelato, is the most popular flavor.

    #7: Maya king waterfalls: Breathtaking is the word visitors use most often in presence of this majestic waterfall, the tallest in Central America. You needn’t settle for observation and picture taking. Swim in the pool beneath the falls to see how it feels to frolic in pure mountain water.

    #8: Tropical Spice Farm and Botanical Garden: Belize is famous for rainforests and jungles where medicinal plants proliferate, and the nation is home to farms that are dedicated to producing tropical spaces essential to the nation’s culinary arts. See both when you tour Placencia.

    Where to stay so you’re close to all 8? Laru Beya Resort, one of southern Belize’s most popular Placencia Peninsula destinations. Prepare for your holiday by browsing images of the resort’s surroundings and amenities and you’ll be convinced that no other resort on the peninsula compares.

    Once you’re ready to travel, take advantage of resort packages and specials to see about deals that can include visits to any of the 8 aforementioned places. Find out for yourself why one frequent Laru Beya visitor told staff, “When I stay here, I know I’m getting the best service and amenities Placencia and Belize have to offer!”

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