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  • whale shark - Placencia
    whale shark – Placencia

    With some of the richest opportunities for diving anywhere in the world, choosing the best place for your vacation can be difficult. With a long coastline on the Caribbean Sea, and close access to the largest coral reef in the Western Hemisphere, Belize is truly a diver’s paradise.

    Where to Dive in Belize

    The gorgeous lagoons, nearby islands, and close access to the Belize Barrier Reef make southern Belize one of the top dive sites in the country. Located far from the urban crowds of Belize City and San Pedro town on Ambergris Caye, southern Belize is a wonderful mix of all the best that the country has to offer.

    The Placencia Peninsula is an eclectic combination of sleepy rural fishing town and a popular diving destination for visitors. The Placencia Peninsula has a full range of pristine beaches and nearby islands, with visitor accommodations ranging from primitive campsites to luxury hotels. One of the finest luxury resorts on Placencia Peninsula is Laru Beya which offers well-appointed suites and penthouse rooms, all with an obstructed view of the beautiful Caribbean Sea.

    Diving in Southern Belize

    Beginning with the Southerwater Caye Marine Reserve and continuing south, the Belize Barrier Reef is nearly continuous, with hundreds of small cuts and pass-throughs where fish, sharks, and crustaceans make their home. From the Placencia Peninsula, it is just a short boat ride to the Belize Barrier Reef, where outstanding diving opportunities exist to explore the transparent waters, sandy white ocean floor, little boat traffic, and large schools of big fish.

    One of the most amazing diving experiences to be found anywhere in Belize is diving with whale sharks. The largest fish species on Earth, whale sharks rise from the depths to feed on fish spawn and eggs in select locations in southern Belize. The resort of Laru Beya now offers whale shark diving packages to give visitors a unique chance to interact with these amazing marine creatures.

    Another popular attraction in southern Belize is Laughing Bird Caye National Park. Located around a “faroe”, a small atoll in the shape of a lighthouse rising up from the middle of the Belize Barrier Reef, the marine park is surrounded by huge stands of Staghorn and Elkhorn coral. The gaps, tunnels, and pass-throughs in the coral are home to large schools of fish, anemones and sponges. Patch reefs, faroes, and small coral islands can be found south of Laughing Bird Caye. Visitors can also explore tiny coves lined with mangroves, an ideal place to dive, as a rich abundance of marine life make their homes in these waters.

    The Southern Belize Barrier Reef

    Southern Belize is a great place to mix a diving and mainland experience vacation. For a complete list of the vacation packages on offer from Laru Beya, click here.

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