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  • Also known as Columbus Day, Pan American Day is a national and bank holiday celebrated on October 12 every year.

    In Belize, it is a celebration of the migrations of the Mestizos and indigenous cultural groups from the region into Belize to create a melting pot of cultures.

    The holiday also commemorates the voyage taken by Christopher Columbus about 500 years ago in the New World. However, Belize chooses not to celebrate the achievements of Columbus, but rather the forging of its rich cultural diversity.

    Columbus’ great discovery of the new world led to the birth of Belize and its unique cultures.

    Today, Belize is one of the most eclectic countries in the world with colorful cultures like the Garifuna, Mennonites, Lebanese, Chinese, Creole and Mestizos – all living in peace and harmony.

    Pan American Day honors how much Belize appreciates and respects all of its cultures.

    On behalf of Laru Beya Management and Staff, we want to wish everyone a Happy Pan American Day!

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