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    If you thought visiting Mecca required a ticket to Saudi Arabia, we’ve got news: Mecca is a couple of hours away by plane and there’s no other place like it in the Western hemisphere.

    U.S. cities named Mecca are found in California, Florida, Indiana, Missouri, Ohio, Tennessee, and Texas, according to But there’s another mecca you should know about and it’s located in Belize: Laru Beya Resort. It’s exotic. Lush. Gorgeous. Reach this mecca in a couple of hours by plane if you crave nothing more than relaxation. We promise not to disturb you if we see you working on this worthy goal.

    Got your attention?

    If you’re familiar with Belize, you know the nation is fast becoming an adventure mecca. From zip-lining and rock repelling to snorkeling and diving around the Great Barrier Reef, an increasingly large number of travelers come for the fun, but plenty more have zero desire to spend their holidays seeking ultimate thrills and hair-raising experiences. They want quiet, tranquility and peace.

    If that’s your only objective, we suggest a holiday at Belize’s own version of mecca, Laru Beya. This luxury resort is designed to morph you from frenzied to blissfully relaxed. Since you don’t have to exert effort to have fun and wind down, take selfies to prove to friends and family that you’re not a goal-driven, A-type personality 24/7!

    10 great ways to relax at Laru Beya

    -Wile away the hours floating in the property’s freshwater infinity pool.
    -Read a book. You remember how to do it, right? Didn’t bring one? Browse the resort’s lending library.
    -Allocate time at beachcombing. Comfy lounge chairs await or settle in the sand on a beach towel.
    -Take a dip in the Caribbean Sea when you’re ready to shake off that sand.
    -Borrow a bike from Laru Beya’s inventory to stretch your legs. Ride to Placencia Village if you like.
    -Play a round or two of mini-golf on the property. No fair getting excited if you win!
    -Explore the 16-mile-long Placencia peninsula via golf cart. Take a picnic along.
    -Use the Wi-fi connection to check on loved ones back time so you relax even more.
    -Frequent the Laru Beya spa where pampering knows no bounds.
    -Repeat all of the above as often as you like.

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    No-stress packages can relax you even more

    Knowing that your entire trip is pre-paid and includes everything you need to have the vacation of your dreams is likely to be equally relaxing. Laru Beya’s Belize all inclusive packages include accommodations, three gourmet meals, and snacks daily, unlimited drinks, a welcome beverage, complimentary airport shuttle when you arrive and depart plus incidentals.

    In case you relax so much, you realize a little activity is called for, borrow a kayak or Hobie Cat and say yes to tours that don’t have to be hectic. After all, you’re vacationing in a place that’s out-of-the-ordinary. Mecca awaits. Will you answer its beguiling call at

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