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    Located on the coast of the Caribbean Sea in Central America, Placencia Peninsula is an ideal vacation getaway with subtropical weather moderated by sea breezes and average year round day and night time temperatures of 75-80°F (24-27°C).  The Caribbean Sea water temperature also stays around 80°F (27°C) year-round.

    Seasons are defined in terms of precipitation, with wet and dry times of year.

    The green season lasts from June to November and the dry season from February to June. There is also a “little dry” in July or August, when rain is scarce for a few weeks. Total rainfall per year is on the order of 400cm per year, with rainfall mostly at night.

    Some of this precipitation comes from hurricanes and tropical storms, with the last major hurricane to hit Placencia in 2001 – Hurricane Iris.  However, because of its far southwestern Caribbean location, Placencia is not frequently hit by Hurricanes – the last major hurricane to hit the area prior to Iris in 2001 was Hurrican Greta in 1978.

    February, March, April and May offer the most moderate weather of the year, but August and September weather is also great for fishing, snorkeling and diving.   Warm temperatures in November, December and January also make the Placencia Peninsula a good getaway from cold temperatures in North American and Europe.

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