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Top 5 Things to do in Placencia Belize

A charming and gorgeous Peninsula in Southern Belize, Placencia is an ideal vacation destination to do many fun things.  Below are five fun activities that you can do when you are in Placencia: Explore Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary This is Belize’s most famous, and one of its biggest, protected areas – the huge swath of tropical forest became the world’s first jaguar sanctuary in 1984. Today it’s…

What makes Placencia in Southern Belize so Awesome!

With sixteen miles of sandy beaches, the impossibly blue Caribbean on one side, a mangrove-fringed lagoon teeming with life on the other, Placencia is indeed very special. And just offshore are myriad cayes, or small islands, dotting Belize’s barrier reef, the second largest reef in the world. Uncrowded diving, snorkeling, fishing, kayaking and island exploration trips are less than an hour away.

The Garifuna Are Proud People

The Garifuna are a proud people who keep their heritage alive today by continuing their traditions and sharing with visitors. They’re known for their vibrant colors and wonderful drum music, known as “punta.” Travelers can take part in many Garifuna dances and ceremonies when visiting Placencia or the southern region. Source: Travelbelize.org

2013 Lobster Festivals of Belize

In Belize, the culture of Lobster Festivals is a beckoning engagement for the senses and a chance to be timeless in the immaculate destinations awaiting your discovery. These tantalizing Caribbean seafood fiestas are overflowing with aromas and a plateau of flavors and styles, held in three of Belize’s top destinations: San Pedro-Ambergris Caye, Caye Caulker and the Placencia Peninsula. Each Lobster Festival destinations offer similar…