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Travel to Belize

Belize Travel Guide About Belize Belize is the perfect vacation destination for the adventure traveler thanks to its diverse ecosystems, natural attractions, wide range of cultures, and the fact that it is the only Central American country where English is the official language. Eight distinctive cultures can be found in Belize, including Mestizo, Mayan, Creole, Chinese and others. The country borders Mexico to the north,…


Snorkel or Scuba Dive with Whale Sharks in Belize

Belize Whale Shark Belize is world-famous for so many things! It is one of the most beautiful of all the Caribbean countries. When you visit us, you find everything from pristine, white sandy beaches and perfect azure-blue water to unique jungle adventures. You can explore the ancient Mayan ruins, and kayak along the rivers searching for exotic tropical birds and the mighty iguanas. Placencia, especially,…


Belize: the World’s Best Destination for Whale Shark Diving

Despite their imposing size, whale shark are not a threat to human divers. They are grand examples of the fact that sharks are misunderstood as mindless killers. Whale shark have been known to interact with humans playfully. Divers can swim along side them as they feed and explore. Younger whale sharks are the friendliest, have been known to play with divers and are remarkably gentle….