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  • Despite their imposing size, whale shark are not a threat to human divers. They are grand examples of the fact that sharks are misunderstood as mindless killers. Whale shark have been known to interact with humans playfully. Divers can swim along side them as they feed and explore. Younger whale sharks are the friendliest, have been known to play with divers and are remarkably gentle. They have been recorded eating the air bubble released from divers equipment as they often mistake them for food.

    Belize-Whale-Shark-Diving An Unforgettable Belize Diving Experience

    About the Whale Shark

    The whale shark, (Rhincodon Typhus) is the largest fish in the world reaching no less than 60ft in adulthood. They are a tropical species, making a whale shark sighting a not uncommon event in Belize. They are believed to have existed for over 200 million years. Records of them date back as far as the Mayan Empire.

    These charming animals are known to many shore-dwelling peoples around the world. The Vietnamese name for them (Ca Ong) means “Sir Fish”. Latin Americans call them “domino”. But in Belize they are known as “Sapodillo Tom” after the man who first reported sighting of them in the Sapadilla Cayes.

    In spring whale shark often come to a special section of reef known as the Gladden Split. This natural haven is a spawning habitat to more than twenty species of Caribbean fish which which come to release their eggs. It is these eggs that attract the whale shark. They are a favorite food of the whale shark making the spawning season in Gladden Split an excellent opportunity for divers to observe the whale shark during these rare feeding events.

    Experience Natural Wonder in Comfort

    Stay with us for 4 or 7 nights as you foray into an aquatic habitat unlike any other. Our accommodations will allow you to experience the majesty of these extraordinary animals each day of your stay and to recover from the day’s adventure in pristine Caribbean luxury.

    Our Belize Whale Shark Adventure Package comes with an array of amenities;

    – Climate Controlled Sea Front rooms (w/ option to upgrade to the Luxury Suite)
    – Round-trip air fare between Belize International and Placencia
    – Round-trip taxi service between Placencia Airport/Laru Beya Beach Resort
    – Morning and evening meals plus specially packed lunches for your enjoyment during your dives
    – Two days of Whale Shark diving and one day Reef diving (w/ 4nts/5days package)
    – Three days Whale Shark diving and two days Reef diving (w/ 7nts/8days package)
    – All Marine Park & Entrance Fee included
    – Dive Gears included
    – Freshwater Swimming Pool, Kayaks, Hobie Cat (sailing pontoon boat), Bicycles, and Mini Golf Course.

    Whale Shark Dive Packages start at $1,475 USD.

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