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    Are you willing to admit that you’re cautious when it comes to making important decisions? It’s not a bad trait to possess and it’s likely to have kept you out of trouble! But perhaps you’re at a point in life where being more spontaneous feels right, especially if your skill at managing your finances allows you enough freedom to make last-minute plans that offer you opportunities—like snagging great travel deals.

    Belize is close to home, offers visitors a wealth of opportunities to tour one of the most fascinating nations in Central America, and since it’s a nation of English speakers and it’s relatively safe, your first spontaneous travel adventure could find you asking yourself, “Why haven’t I done this before?”

    Deals to match your newfound perspective

    Laru Beya Resort, a tropical enclave located along Belize’s trendy Placencia Peninsula, is the perfect place to launch your newly acquired commitment to spontaneity because the resort currently offers guests periodic deals that have finite deadlines. Here’s a taste of two guaranteed to whet your appetite:

    1. Spring Break Flash Sale!

    You’ve still got plenty of time to pack for a vacation that takes place between April 1, 2023, and May 29, 2023, and you’ll be rewarded for your spontaneity with an $80 per night discount on the Laru Beya Belize all inclusive package. The longer you stay, the bigger your discount, but your booking window is short, so if you hesitate you could learn that the resort is fully booked at the time you want to escape. This package is so filled with extras, you’re already getting the most bang for your buck, and with this discount pricing menu, you’ll feel like you won the lottery.

    2. Winter Break Deal

    Don’t admonish yourself if you miss that fast-approaching spring break flash sale booking deadline. There’s a second way to save money that will still meet your desire to wear the mantle of a newly crowned spontaneous adventurer. The Winter Break option not only gets you out of the unpredictable weather that’s been blanketing unusual destinations (snowstorms in Southern California!?), but you have until March 31st to book, although the size of Laru Beya is such that accommodations are likely to go fast. Enjoy graduated per-night discounts associated with the all-inclusive package, thus the length of your sojourn determines your savings.

    Belize Vacation Deals

    Having made your decision to live life in the spontaneous lane—at least for the time being as you take advantage of either of these specials—you’ll want to learn more details about both options before you dig your luggage out of storage, hire a cat sitter, and shop for a new swimsuit, so grab a cup of coffee and spend a few moments browsing details associated with both offers at Belize Special Offers. Which option will you pursue? Don’t be surprised if you like everything about your spontaneous getaway so much, you become a devotee!

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