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  • Belize Fall Couple Getaway

    What does today’s couple dream about? Once upon a time, couples dreamed about having a home in the burbs, a nice car, and top-notch colleges for the kids. Today’s couple seeks more, says therapist Elizabeth Earnshaw writing for Psychology Today magazine. Contemporary couples crave a sense of belonging, shared purpose, emotional support, and a willingness to share tasks.

    Sure, the house is important, but couples pine for healthy relationships that aren’t bound up in possessions, and there isn’t an expert in the field who doesn’t believe that vacations are critical for healthy relationships—especially getaways that don’t require learning another language or taking lengthy plane flights. No wonder Caribbean getaways are so hot. If you’re reading this, you likely agree!

    The nation that has it all

    If you haven’t kept up with travel trends, you may not know that Belize is the destination of choice for couples hungry for a tropical destination when fall weather turns harsh and dreary. Belize resorts have everything a couple needs to pep up their love lives, up their communication skills, and enjoy so many diverse attractions, we’ve yet to meet a couple returning from a Belize getaway complaining about being bored!

    For an idyllic fall stay that outshines competitors, Laru Beya Resort, located along the Caribbean Sea, is a favorite. To prove it, couples keep coming back. What do they find at Laru Beya that they don’t find elsewhere? Warm welcomes. Endearing staffers. Lush environs. And opportunities to re-kindle passion in a responsibility-free environment courtesy of the resort’s all inclusive package and Honeymoon and Romance Add-on.

    Fall in love all over again

    The jobs and tasks that keep your family and household running vanish upon arrival at the room or suite you’ve selected for your getaway, and since neither of you will be required to shop for food, cook, and clean up, you can return to those blissful days of intimate dinners and at the resort’s restaurant or via room service each day.

    Couples feel so euphoric during Laru Beya sojourns, that they don’t always sample resort activities together. Many choose different activities to pursue, knowing that at day’s end, those adventures light up dinner conversations about the fun they’ve had pursuing the resort’s onsite amenities and eclectic tour menu. No alarm clocks. No bosses demanding to know why a deadline was missed, either!

    Belize romantic retreat

    Yes, there’s free Wi-Fi…

    …so you can check in on folks back home, but don’t be surprised if the device you carry with you for countless check-ins isn’t activated as often during your visit, and if the only thing that’s stopping you from booking this fall escape is your budget, there’s a deal to be had that could save money.

    Grab a current airline deal. Fall escapes that gift you with time alone to recall the spark that brought you together in the first place don’t come along every day—will you two take advantage of this opportunity?

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