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    Whether or not you’ve been to Belize, you may have heard rumors that this country is an epicenter of excitement because there’s so much to do and see in a small country where everyone speaks English and the landmass is small enough to get around quickly.

    But there’s a secret we feel compelled to share that could surprise you: Some people come to Belize to do nothing but relax. We know. The idea can sound preposterous to those of us who can’t sit still for five minutes.

    That said, travelers coming to Belize intent on using as few muscles as possible during their stay know that there’s only one place to properly unwind: Laru Beya Resort on the Placencia peninsula, a gorgeous paradise profiled in top travel publications and highly-rated by travel gurus.

    Just far enough away from party epicenters like Ambergris Caye, Placencia is often noted for its perfect ambience. Stay at the award-winning Laru Beya, and you can wave off other guests at breakfast who are heading for their fill of diving, snorkeling, cave exploration and touring Mayan ruins.

    You’ve got a different itinerary in mind and it includes serious hammock time.

    Couples choosing Laru Beya are convinced that just a long weekend at this romantic hideaway cost less than the couples therapy they were considering. That 16-mile stretch of beach and the soothing waves washing up on the seashore have the power to magically turn even the most high-strung visitor into a docile and even playful person.

    Everything one could want is on premises: an outdoor infinity swimming pool, relaxing in-room spa services, luxury digs and the Quarterdeck, Laru Beya’s popular restaurant and bar. This delicious food hub and fully-stocked bar await even recluses who discover that they need the occasional people fix.

    Not everyone wants to be social of course, so room service could be your preferred way to stay wined and dined throughout your stay.

    For the most frazzled travelers, Laru Beya offers the convenience of all-inclusive packages. Choose the one that fits your budget and time schedule, grab the short flight to Belize from North America and hunker down for the most restful experience of your life.

    Yes, there’s Wi-fi available. But why not use this trip as a disconnection experiment? It’s been done. The staff at Laru Beya can attest to it. Scientists have proven that relaxation can add years to anyone’s life, and who doesn’t love the idea of bonus years of loving and living? Book your all relaxation vacation now!

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