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    When North Americans relocate to Belize seeking a simpler way of life – or when couples tell families and friends that they’re planning destination weddings–leave it to one person in the crowd to decry Belize in the summer for four reasons. You may have heard them yourself. But we’re here to set you straight.

    -Summer temperatures in Belize aren’t any different than many U.S. locations, so ex-pats and visitors from the south have been known to say that they’re cooler than they were back home where concrete buildings take the place of coastal breezes, cooling rainforest canopies, waterfalls and rivers.

    -Daily downpours in summer? They’re short, scattered and at times refreshing. Since people come to Belize for the lush landscape, all of this glory wouldn’t exist were it not for summer rains. Truth is, intermittent showers rarely spoil activity plans because they’re so sporadic.

    -Hurricanes? We have 6 words for you: Jersey. Florida. Louisiana. Texas. The Carolinas. According to CNN, hurricanes made landfall 318 times in the U.S. by 2017. Since 1930, Belize has experienced just 16. If you don’t love those odds, what’s wrong with you?

    -Teeming humanity? Now that’s laughable. Belize is never crowded during summer because travelers believe that those negatives exist. As a result, attractions, beaches and other places are delightfully uncrowded, which is why so many super deals, from resorts to airfares, are available to savvy visitors who wouldn’t come during any other season.

    At Laru Beya Resort, the all-exclusive Placencia getaway, we find these rumors to be crazy because we know that summer in our little corner of paradise is awesome. Our beaches are manicured, our infinity pool awaits anyone in need of a refreshing dip and our bar stocks so many chilled beverages, you couldn’t get overheated if you tried.

    In fact, rating authorities like TripAdvisor rank Laru Beya a “Top 10” place to stay, especially during the summer months when families, bridal parties, honeymooners and couples enjoy luxe accommodations at amazing rates. These discounts even extend to activities like jungle treks, ziplining, cave tours and Maya ruin visits.

    At Laru Beya we’re accustomed to giving summer guests twice as much attention because the pace is slower and guests are the recipients of all this largesse. See what we’re talking about. Preview our site photos. They show you what you can expect this summer at Lara Beyu.

    Do we hear the sound of suitcases coming out of your closet?

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