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  • There’s a very good chance the Easter experience you have come to expect begins and ends with dressing up in church-appropriate finery, watching kids ferret out colorful eggs, hanging out with the Easter Bunny and finishing the day with a meal that consists of baked ham, a slab of butter that’s shaped like a lamb and desserts that tip the scale on creativity.

    This end-of-winter holiday is both a sacred and an entertaining occasion but if you are eager to make your Easter unforgettable, you’ve got to experience this holiday in Belize. Sure, you can dress for religious services and find in the churches throughout Belize, some of the most theatrical and meaningful pageantry. Your faith celebrated, it’s time to change into beachwear and finish this holy day in the sun.

    Experience all sorts of passion

    Extravagancy knows no limits in Belize where churches retell the story of Jesus’ journey to Mt. Calvary in elaborate and dramatic fashion that are typical of Caribbean nations that hold this holiday as one of the most sacred of all. From Good Friday through the end of Easter Sunday, getting your fill of this high holiday is likely to be even more dramatic than it was back home because faith is truly on display in this pious nation.

    But the word passion doesn’t begin and end with Jesus’ procession because once the pageantry is over, different passions take over: festivals, dances, volleyball on the beach, musical entertainments and seasonal foods and drinks, for which Belize is known, contribute to a day of relaxation and celebration. Dress or don’t dress. Believe in the Easter bunny or don’t. It’s your holiday and you can celebrate it Belize style in any way you prefer.

    easter in belize 2019

    Party your way

    Because alcoholic beverages are not served on Good Friday, you can make up for that abstinence during the remainder of your stay—especially if you make Placencia your holiday headquarters and Laru Beya Resort your lodging of choice for Easter of 2019.

    It’s where all the action is and to be honest, once you’ve enjoyed this holiday in Belize, you’re going to want to return. Yes, you can have it all; plenty of faith-based pageantry. Fun and sun. And enough luxury at Laru Beya to celebrate in style. Will we see you there this Easter? Book your all inclusive package now!

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