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  • With miles of sandy beaches, a warm and welcoming climate, English-speaking natives, unparalleled diving opportunities, and lots of delicious seafood and local cocktails, it’s easy to see why a visit to this Central American country is widely considered a trip to paradise.

    Below are 10 great reasons to take your family to Belize:

    1 – Laru Beya Beach Resort

    Belize has many beautiful beach resorts, but one of the most spectacular is Laru Beya Beach Resort in Placencia. With family-friendly rates and room offers, and access to some of the most enchanting and unspoiled parts of the country, Laru Beya is a can’t miss destination for first-time visitors to Belize.

    belize family vacation
    2 – Prices

    While money can always be spent by those determined to do so, Belize is a very attractively-priced family vacation destination.

    3 – Beauty

    While many visitors disembark from their airplanes intent on working on their suntans, they often find that the raw beauty of nature in Belize is ultimately the best part of their vacation.

    4 – Fun for the Whole Family

    A huge variety of water and on-land sporting entertaining options are available from scuba diving to horseback riding.

    5 – Education & History

    With ancient Maya structures to visit, the second largest barrier reef in the world to dive in, and working Maya farms to visit, there’s plenty to stimulate the mind as well as the body in Belize.

    6 – Practice Your Spanish

    Whether you’re more comfortable speaking English or you’d like to brush up on your Spanish, you’ll feel very comfortable in Belize.

    7 – Perfect Weather

    One of Belize’s greatest attractions is its nearly year-round perfect weather, with temperatures averaging about 81F (27C) along the coast.

    8 – Money is a No-Brainer

    Many stores accept American dollars, and the Belize dollar is permanently “pegged” at two to one American dollar, meaning you’ll never have to work out complicated price conversions.

    9 – Accessible

    This lovely Caribbean gem of a nation is conveniently located within short, direct flights from both the United States and Canada.

    10 – The People of Belize

    Once you visit this beautiful country, you will come away impressed by the generosity of the local people.

    With so many wonderful adventures to choose from, your family will be eager to return every year to Belize for their vacation.

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