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  • Travelers and locals to the Placencia Peninsula during February 16th and 17th, will find added delight in the artistic beautification of this destination, as the Placencia Sidewalk Arts & Music Festival creates a colorful display of local talent alongside the historic beach sidewalk.

    Through unique creations depicting Belize as the tropical wonderland that it is, local artists will captivate and engage your senses through aesthetic paintings, exquisite hand-made sculptures, jewelry, and also a Sidewalk Chalk Art works .

    Starting at 10:00 a.m. until 6:00 p.m., in the Placencia Village, this setting is perfect for a family outing and great memories. From live musical performances to mouthwatering local foods and beverages, visitors will have a full day of excitement to absorb!

    Renowned local artists include: Pen Cayetano, Lincoln Gordon, Walter Castillo, Khadija Assales, Sierra Brothers, Ernest Garcia, Greta Leslie and many more.  Expect a mixture of tunes by popular musicians, such as the Ascenthium Band, Unison Band and more!

    The Placencia Peninsula is the choice for  the perfect combination of a pristine town setting, the nearness of the turquoise Caribbean waters, and white sandy beaches. This location has a natural allurement, so make sure to lookout for other cool attractions, such as the Heineken Bar and Old Master’s Rum Garden.

    Explore the magnificent sites of Belize, through the arts, and take home your piece of paradise!

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