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  • After the wedding, the last thing most couples want to do is worry about the honeymoon. Consider heading to Belize for an all-inclusive honeymoon vacation at Laru Beya Beach Resort in the beautiful Placencia Peninsula.

    Here are nine reasons a honeymoon at Laru Beya Beach Resort is the perfect way to celebrate your union.

    1. No need for translation. Because English is the official language in Belize, you’ll have no trouble getting directions from the friendly resort staff.

    2. Natural beauty abound. With plenty of Maya ruins, secluded beaches and jungles to explore, you’ll have no trouble finding paradise.

    3. Traditional foods on the menu. You’ll dine on traditional fare such as ceviche, grilled lobster and delicious coconut rice and beans. Full breakfasts and three-course dinners await you daily at Laru Beya, so you’ll have plenty of chances to check out the local flavors.

    4. Getting there is easy. Major United States airlines offer daily flights to Belize. The Laru Beya Beach Resort honeymoon package includes a round-trip flight between Belize International and Placencia Village and land transfers between the Placencia Airstrip and the resort.

    5. Plenty of privacy. In a place with few residents and many uninhabited islands, it won’t be difficult to find a private spot to spend a day. At Laru Beya Beach Resort, your honeymoon package includes a one-bedroom oceanfront suite, so you can look forward to plenty of time alone with your new spouse.

    6. All-inclusive Belize vacation packages. With the Forever After All honeymoon package at Laru Beya Beach Resort, you’ll begin with a private transfer from the local airport. Enjoy a three-course dinner on a private balcony, a couples’ massage, a sunset cruise and more – all for one price!

    7. Affordable Honeymoon options. During the busy season, a week-long honeymoon package at Laru Beya costs about $3,800; you can get the same honeymoon vacation for around $3,000 during the off-season.

    8. It’s environmentally friendly. Belize takes the environment seriously, and that is evidenced by the widespread use of solar and wind power.

    9. Safe, secluded Belize resorts. Honeymoon Resorts like Laru Beya are situated in quiet locations, and there is no need for a constant military presence as is the case in other countries.

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    Laru Beya Beach Resort offers everything you need for a memorable honeymoon trip, no matter what your tastes and budget.

    Contact us today to book your Belize honeymoon vacation package!


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